Friday, April 28, 2006

Grocery shopping, part II, some other thoughts!

Well the ole designated shopping assignment is getting more interesting by the day. It is a amazing how comfortable you get with something after you do it a few times. You also learn the little idiocycrinies of any task and it become smoother, i.e. the first trip out I had consumed a bunch of Gatorade before entering the store so naturally I had to relieve my bladder. But, true to form since I didn't know where the restroom was and I wouldn't dare ask anyone, I just kind of danced around the aisles on my tip toes while putting things in the basket. It was kind of weird but no one really noticed since I have found shoppers to be real focused. By the end of the shopping I was really in need of relief and couldn't wait for that $200 bill to be tallied up. On this this second trip I found the restroom before entering the shopping arena, smart move on my part. This time around I was able to find everything quicker and more efficient, no double tracking back and forth. The AA batteries became a challenge, but lo and behold they ended up on the end of an aisle that didn't make any sense to me, but I was relieved they were there right in front of me. Like they were close to the dog food(Buffman & Squeaky did some real two steppin when I got home), which didn't make much sense either. I will have to admit I am not really a shopper, I am a "buyer". I see it and I put it in the cart, I never look for the 2 for something pricing or coupons, I just see what I want and charge for it. Possibly I will do this after becoming more efficient at this task.

Interesting stuff in the Lubbock AJ today: "A former executive accused of bilking more than $77 million from a locally based company, pleads guilty." Can you imagine how guilty he really is, since he pleaded guilty? Not only is he guilty, but he was very greedy. His legal income was in the millions, but that wasn't enough, he just had to steal more. I happen to know many of his family friends and he has ruined many livers through his actions. Who cares about his life, he made the choice to steal, be greedy, and get caught. The maximum he will get is 30 years in the slammer and a $500m fine. A great article about a local legendary teacher/coach, only 78 years of age in the local Coronado High School. He is loved by everyone and still works a full schedule. What a guy! Another article: "Our addiction to television entertainment is undermining the American family." This article points out that not only are families sticking their face in front of the TV and computers many hours of the day, they are also doing it in separate rooms. Reminds, me of a legal mediation divorce case I presided over and the big fight was not over the children, but the 7 TV sets this loving couple owned. Ms. Beverly Long is the author of this fine article and I must say, just the other morning I mentioned to Marti that the root of most evil in our society today is the TV set and computer, not to mention the cell phones. I applaud Ms. Long and loved the entire article. Her comments about the damage this technology has done to the American family is dead on and I commend her for speaking out and using her space to point this out. I just hope the AJ readership got the point. I sure did!!

Well as most know who read this site I have already rated President George W. Bush with the lowest rating possible for his job as President of the USA. I just responded to a survey on such topics as, yes or no-Is President Bush handling the Iraqi war effectively? 80% said NO, and I agree Yes or no-Is the President handling the gasoline, oil situation correctly, 80% said NO, and I agree. But lo and behold he made a move in the past couple of days that completely moves him up from the 43rd ranking to at least 42.5. He hired a press secretary that actually disagreed with him in the past and said some pretty bad things about him, Tony Snow was hired as the new press secretary and here is a sample of some of the things he has said: "The newly passive George W. Bush has become something of an embarrassment." Remember Natalie Maines, she said something like this at the beginning of the so-called war and her singing career has never been the same. Other comments from Snow: "George W. Bush and his colleagues have become not merely the custodians of the largest government in the history of humankind, but also exponenets of its vigorous expansion." or "President Bush distilled the essence of his presidency in this year's State of the Union Address; brilliant foreign policy and listless domestic policy." Good luck, and Good Night Mr. Snowman. You'll need it!!

George Carlin in closing: "People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point."

Mike Greer bowling and golf-"The whole idea in bowling is to knock over as many pins as possible, then you post a higher score." Simple as it can be and and I tell my team that the more pins they knock down with the 12 pound bowling ball the higher their score will be. On the contrary in golf the fewer strokes it takes to get the all in the hole the better your score. The weird thing about these two sports is that you can drink beer, eat pop corn, have fun, and still bowl. Boy, try that combination on the triathlon circuit and see what happens. In golf you can do the same while riding a golf cart that goes 15 miles per hour. There is really no dramatic point here, except golfing and bowling are not about athletics, but hand to eye coordination and concentration. I have found that the more Coors Light I drink the better I concentrate. Draw your own conclusions!

Busy day, a run with Buffman & Squeaky, haircut, lunch with the ole hand ball group, movie, and two steppin. Got to be in bed early for a good training day on Saturday and a Hog ride to "Bob Wills days in Turkey, Texas."



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