Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New stuff, 4.26.06

We just returned from a very successful triathlon promotion trip in the Dallas area. With the creation of the Iron Girl Texas triathlon we are spending time in that area promoting the event. It was a great trip and the folks in DFW are doing a lot to help make this event popular and successful. We express our thanks to them and look forward to the event in July.

It has been our pleasure to live in a very small community for the past 5 years, just 10 miles outside of Lubbock. Ransom Canyon is actually built around a small lake which receives it water from the Buffalo Springs Lake and is in the Yellowhouse Canyons. To say it is small can be better illustrated this way with quotes from the "Ransom Canyon City News," for starters: Ransom Canyon is the 855th largest city in the State of Texas, with a population of just over a thousand, say 1001, with a 911 response time of 5 minutes. The demographics has shifted from "retired"(meaning really old) to "young professional," and these young folks are buying exclusive properties. Excuse me here, but really what they are buying is what is left, if they are building a new home or they are buying what is for sale from the "retired" group, who built this canyon development to start with. To continue, all of these things change the way the police department approaches policing in the Town. Traffic is getting heavy, but traffic laws are not necessarily broken. Excuse me again, don't have a fathom of who wrote this article but believe me, speeding traffic laws are broken daily. I saw a quote from the two(also have two bullets in their breast pocket) local law enforcement staff stating they haven't given a traffic citation since 1992, which only means they just haven't enforced the speeding laws. I think it is called "turning the head in the opposite direction." It really became apparent that Ransom Canyon joined the Big Boys when they installed their own water tower a few months ago. I don't know where the water was stored before, but I do know we have a water tower now. Other notes in the RC News: Library stays put for now, but needs a new porch.--Aging Sewer Lines--911 Keeps Police Busy--Warm days, cool nights, Snakes are moving(Rattlesnakes that is!)The elections for the city council are close at hand. One year I ran for Mayor, when ask what I thought of the current Mayor and what my platform was my answer was to the point, "I didn't know the Mayor but he was probably a nice guy, and my platform was just as simple, "look out for the residents of Ransom and be honest in my dealings." I lost the election, but got 43 votes, but only spent $273.00 on my campaign. The city is doing fine with the current leadership and so am I.

Yesterday I took one of those surveys that come up on AOL, about the performance of our current USA President, Mr. George W. Bush. It was a straight forward survey requiring only yes or no answers, i.e. Do you think Bush is handling the Iraqi situation correctly? Yes or No, or Do you think Bush has a handle on the oil and gasoline price situation in the USA? Yes or No. The results weren't surprising, in all categories the answers were NO in huge majorities. He was not given a passing grade on any of the categories and usually ended up in the 80% No column. I confess, all of my votes went to NO NO NO, did I say NO? What I like about these surveys is that I get to vote, in years past there was always the mention of the Neilson surveys but I could never figure our who voted or how you got to vote since I was never contacted. Now I can voice my opinion with a vote, one way or the other. Of course I also take the funny little tests about IQ and stuff, just for fun.

Some years ago, I don't rememer how long ago, a new magazine appeared on the news stand called "People." Well this magazine had an instant appeal to me and when the new edition would hit the stands I would buy one. But, I don't know why since every time I bought one and read it I was disappointed and wondered why I or anyone would be interested in this type of news. In the early days of the rag it had a diverse amount of news about "People," but now it has turned into a rag about the in celebrity group of young people, certainly not about the everyday population. For example, the current cover, "Inside Katie's New World," all about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise new union and how she is engulfed with it. Funny thing, use to couples would get married and then have babies, now they get pregnant first, have the baby, then plan the big wedding. That is of course if you are a celebrity. If you are not and you do it this way you are some kind of slut, and male impregnator. For the life of me I can't figure out why these people get away with what they get away with and the public stands in awe of them. Britney Spears was also covered in this issue and she really confuses me. She is the one who walked off of the Lubbock United Spirit Arena stage during a concert simply because some of her electric cords were not plugged in right. Well that doesn't surprise me since she can't strap the seat belt on correctly for her infant son and her nanny drops the poor child out of the high chair. But, this is news and even garners the front page of "People." Last but not least, it is nice to see Kenny Rogers admit he is 67 but bothers me that he would have plastic surgery to eliminate the lines in his face. He says he doesn't mind being 67, but doesn't want to look that old. Who in the hell said 67 is old? Only people I know that alter actual ages and not use a knife is USAT on their aging up rule. I turned 66 in December of 05, then USAT passes the aging up rule, meaning you are considered your 12.31 age on race day, no matter the day, so that means in January 06 I was considered 68 on any race day in 06, even though I wouldn't truly be 68 until 12.16.06(send a card please). So much for "People," save your $3.49.

Some stuff out of the local newspaper, "American Entrepreneurs Find Obesity Big Business,"--this story covers the business of offering caskets for obese(fat) people who die. Goliath Casket Co. offers a 52 inch wide casket where the norm is 27 inches. The company has produced caskets up to 7 feet square. There are all kinds of new businesses being created to cater to our increasing fat population, now in the USA @ 71% fat men, 61% fat women, 33% fat children. My thoughts are this is totally stupid and rather than cater to fat people they should be required to have some self restraint at the dinner table, exercise, and eat the right food. Is that really so hard to do? No, it isn't! The price tag to taxpayers, according to the Disease Control and Prevention Agency is a whopping $117 billion a year. Yes, folks and I am a taxpayer, doing everything I can to keep my weight in control, eat the right foods, and exerise. If obese(fat) people would have as much committment towards these three things as they do feeding their face, we would not have this problem in the USA. Another topic that is grinding on my nerves: "Garland, Texas Police Try to Build Trust Among Immigrants." They left out the word "illegal" which was in the article it self. For the life of me, and we can thank our current president for much of this problem, I can't figure out why the authorities can't understand the word "illegal." If something is illegal then that means you are breaking the law if you do it. Send em back, simple as that but much harder to do since they don't want them back. Woe is me!!!

Late arriving news from Lubbock Avalance Journal: "City Council Set to Abolish 1923 Racist Ordinance!" The ordinance says, that people with at least "one-eighth negro blood" cannot live west of Avenue C nor south of 16th St., unless they reside in servants' quarters. The stated reason for the forced segregation is that "their residence is dangerous to the health and pollutes the earth and atmosphere." The fine for violating the ordinance is $200.00. Council members say there is no evidence that the ordinance was ever passed into law, but it still exists in the city minutes and was written. Surprise, surprise, there is a movement to repeal this never signed ordinance. What year is this?

Movies to see: "The Sentinel"-suspense, action, mild sex scenes(Michael Douglas always gets some), great detail, "Inside Man"--suspense, well done, great plot, great acting, only negative is typical Spike Lee theme(black is good, white is bad and or stupid), "Lucky Number Slevin"--My favorite of the three, well done, must pay attention, great plot, great sex scenes but not the center point of the movie, great ending, great acting, fun to watch develop, but initially a little boring. When you get the hang of where it is going, it "rocks."

Next: Take The Lead, Friends with Money, Silent Hill, American Dreamz.

Yesterday was a golf day and was it special. This golf foursome was put together by my long time friend, Roger Lowe. He decided that it would be a good thing to invite our former Littlefield High School football coach, Gene Mayfield, now 77 and shoots his age, rounded out by Bobby Cunningham, former football player and great track runner at Littlefield, myself and Lowe. Lowe and I are 67, while Cunningham is 66, making him the youngster of the group. Typical of Lowe he had to make it a competitive thing, not that any of us lacked of this attribute, and it was Coach/Lowe against Cunningham/Greer. Surprisingly it was a hard fought match going into the final hole with the Cunningham/Greer team one up. So, all we had to do was beat or half the hole and we were the winners. But, we didn't count on coach getting a par and Lowe holing out his putt. So, at the end of the day we ended up the same as we started, even. That was a great way to end, since we had all played real even and while we wanted to win it was not really essential, since we just flat enjoyed being together in some form of competition. What I didn't mention is that Coach Mayfield has been named to the Football Coaches Texas Hall of Fame and is one of the winningest coaches in Texas High School history. He took our teams to the playoffs 2 of the 3 years we played for him and helped 8 of us secure college scholarships to play the game. He was 29 years old when he was named to his first head coaching job at Littlefield. Seeing him again was great and fostered some very good memories of how he taught the game of football and life. I still remember many of the things he would say to keep us in line or simply motivate us to go beyond our capabilities. It also further emphasized to me how much influence my coaches had on me at the time their coaching was taking place, but also afterward in my journey through life. Many of the principles he taught us in executing the game of football to the point of winning games, also exemplified the use of these same principles in conducting our everyday lives. It was a great day!

New resolution for my blog site: I resolve that I will take a recorder with me at all times so I can recall some of the brillant(well I think they are whether they are or not) thoughts that come to mind.

Now off to a meeting with the USAT race officials, a swim, and then bowling.

Have a good day!!



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