Monday, July 31, 2006

Home Depot revelation

While in Dallas for the IrongirlTexas I went to buy some supplies at the Home Depot in Irving. After getting what I needed for the race I noticed a row of small storage buildings, for sale and on sale. The one that caught my eye was on sale with a $300.00 discount, just the right size and the way it was built would keep out 80% of the West Texas dust. So, it was love at first sight and I was eager to make this purchase happen. The only problem I had was it was sitting in Irving and I needed it in Ransom Canyon, some 350 miles away, with no room to haul it. The next step is to go into the customer service desk and ask if I can buy it in Irving and pick it up in Lubbock(yes folks we even have indoor toilets in Lubbock in addition to Home Depot, Lowe's, and Starbucks). Sounds simple enough for me so I presented my plight to the customer service representative. Now is when the real story begins, first the lady behind the black scarf, with only eyes peeking through, and some kind of long dress on with the name of Masooma,stationed below her right shoulder(sounds better than above her right breast)started the search through her computer to find the storage building and determine if the Lubbock location would have one. Seems simple enough to me with this marvelous computer world running our lives why couldn't it find a simple part number and then communicate with the Lubbock store? But, Masooma ran into a hitch and had to call another employee to take care of it for her. Well, now Juan comes onto the scene and takes the part number and product description from her and hurries off to the back of the store to get the information. The next thing I know is Juan comes back with Adolph(still with somewhat of a German accent), and they both are both looking for my information. Then they all disappear to the back, wonder what really goes on it that back room? As I stood there very patiently waiting for my answer, I really wanted this buildiing or I would not have been as patient as I was, a guy with the name of Slim came up to me and ask if I was being helped. My reply was, yes I think so but I am not seeing any progress. He said well what are you looking for and maybe I can help. I explained the situation and said that the international Home Depot crew were looking throughout computer land for the answer to my questions. Slim, with a slight grin on his face when the computer was mentioned, then says(in an extreme East Texas accent)I think I can get an answer pretty fast." Of all things he suggested that we go and look at the building, hands on, and get the information we needed. What a novel idea, then I could be on my way. How simple can that be and that is actually what we did. Even though they did not have the exact building in Lubbock at least Slim and I had made a valient effort to consumate the sale. When I left the international search crew of Masooma, Juan and Adolph were still in the back room, searching I guess. Moral to the story, when in doubt look on the instruction sheet, the computer only knows what is fed into it. Sometimes I even let my computer know who is boss by just simply UNPLUGGING it, then it knows who is the real boss man!

Mike Greer


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