Friday, June 23, 2006

Illegal Immigrants, part III

Well it has started, the thing I was very concerned about on the illegal Canadian geese situation. For the past week this irrevent group of renegades have been demonstrating across the street from our home. They have had the gall to squat on the open lot across the street eating, honking, releiving themselves and holding up signs saying, "we want more and we will not learn your language." They are insisting that the national anthem be played in Canadian French, that all answering machines have an option for Canadian French on button two, that their language be spoken and taught in the public school systems, and they want more benefits. Especially dear to them is being able to squat on the lake and paddle around at their leisure when they want to. They are demanding that no boat traffic of any kind be on the lake and that all residents along the lake line not hold parties or have any fun that would possibly disturb them. They apparently have decided they have a pretty good deal here and they aren't going anywhere. But, why should they? They do have a pretty good deal here, the food is great, the atmosphere is great, they don't really have to do anything they don't want to and they have a 20 hour work week. So, I think they can put down their signs and just enjoy themselves and I think Buffman & Squeaky and I will tell them this when we go for a run.

The more I read of Kinky Friedman the more I like this guy. He is on the ballot to run for Texas Governor and probably will get some votes. Gems from his book Cowboy Logic, "The only two good bals I ever hit was when I stepped on the garden rake." or "Leap sideways, before your karma runs over your dogma." or "My father once said, a man can be judged by the size of his enemies." or "---k'em if they can't take a joke."

Now to more serious stuff with the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 triathlon this coming weekend. Typically we have had no rain to speak of in about a year, so now this week we are getting guess what, yep rain. Of course we do need it and we now know that God answers prayers because every Sunday and Wednesday night the Baptists have been praying for rain and now we have it. But, the good news is that it will be great for the cotton crops and it will cool things off a bit. With temps of 92 hi and 64 low predicted on race day it will make for great racing weather. The competitive field this year is great in both the age group and pro field, both male and female. We expect record crowds and a very competitive race. The elusive sub 4 hours time for the pros is a possibility, unless that alway diverse triathlon course sneaks up on them. You can watch all of it on with the inovative race day coverage now offered by a few races across the country.

One last serious idea, I received word that my petition to the be placed on the USAT National Board elecion was accepted and I will be on the ballot. Please vote for me if you are in the SouthMidwest USAT region.

Have a good day, and stay cool!!



Blogger Roger W Gartman said...

Hey Bud, well I had a coupla good friends do the BSLT this past weekend and they were first time competitors @ this event. When I rec.'d my race report (verbally) they confirmed all my preliminary discussions that this was truly a magnificient and awesomely structured event. All of which I assured them that it would be. I am excited that you are on the ballot for a SMW region slot. I will promote you in my state as much as possible. If there is any literary information that you have to distribute or if you can send me any information that you would want me to use to promote the necessity of having a quality individual as you represent us please let me know that as well. I can get it put into race packets, etc if you would want me to do that. Anyway, I wasn't able to make the BSLT this yr. do to some extensive surgery that I had done back in Dec. and my training is about 4-5 months behind. I always looked forward to competing there. Take care and I look forward to more of your future comments, Roger W Gartman
p.s. Tell SM that I said "Hey"!

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