Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Immigrants are now across the street!

In my last post I mentioned the case of the Canadian geese immigrants and questioned what their citizenship situation really is. Well I have been watching that group as they congregate across the street on the beautifully landscaped grass and plants. There is something in that grass that really tastes good, since they have a little afternoon get together and really go to town. I wonder if this is their happy hour with the family and it is a way to unwind from the stresses of the day. Of course I don't really know what their stress is since they really have it made. After munching on the grass they will then go single file into the lake and then swim around for a while in a single line. Of course the parents start first, then the kids. Really something to watch and I am trying to learn something from them, but I don't know what that is right now. I do know they are well behaved and they haven't demanded social security, health care, monthly stipends, automatic citizenship, and they don't seem to be a threat to our safety or increase in the crime wave most of the country is experiencing. Ransom Canyon is considered quite tranquil, since the last traffic ticket they issued was in 1992. Either we are real obedient drivers or the police(two of them) are a sleep at the switch.

One of my many pet peeves is the term "convenient store." The original convenient store use to be the local 7/11, we use to sing the "Oh Thank Heaven for 7/11" jingle all the time and on Sunday nights I use to take my four loving children to the 7/11 for some little treats. They called the treat "items," so the big deal was to determine how many items they would get. This was always determined by how much money I had in my pocket or if they had acted up. We never went to the 7/11 to reward or punish them, we just did this to have some form of fun tradition. Funny thing is my son is 44 years old and a US Diplomat stationed in Germany and within the past few days we talked about our Sunday night visits to the 7/11 and how many items they usually got, etc., so guess this was an unforgettable tradition. But, back to my thought here(sorry I got off on a senior moment rambling thing)of convenient stores are no longer convenient. My reasoning is based on the idea that I can go in to buy a pack of gum because it is a simple item, easy to get to, easy to pay for and easy to buy and run. But, now that is not the case since I must stand in a line while the person ahead of me either buys a money order, buys extensive selections of lotto tickets, claims their prize money on lotto tickets, writes a simple paper check(why not use the plastic version of the paper check called a "debit" card, slide that baby through and then get the hell out of there). Sometimes I have to wait so long I figure my next social security check will land in the bank before I can pay for my gum. The funny thing is the sales clerks behind the counter don't really care and they bask in the power of control they have over me paying for my gum. Then after waiting all this time the clerk tries to ring up my $1.09 pack of gum and the sophisticated register does not take the bar code, so now this is going to take some thinking to check me out. Finally after what seems to be hours(really minutes) I am outta there, chewing my new sugarless gum and feeling a refreshed breath. See what I mean about convenient stores are not convenient anymore. I would write someone in Wasington to complain and even create a new National Association for Those Who Wait in Line In a Convenient Store to Pay and Have to Wait too Long(Acronym---NATCPAY--or PISSEDOFF.

Now for some serious stuff from Kinky Friedman, maybe our next Governor, but not likely: "I'll fight wussification if I've got to do it one wuss at a time." or "Im for the lettle fellers--not the Rockefellers." or Jesse Venntura just didn't realize that wrestling is real and politics is fixed." or "I believe musicians can run this state better than politicians. We just won't get a lot done in the mornings." or 'In Texas, the men are men and the emus are nervous." or "Always respect your superiors, if you have any." Kinky also claims he was born in a manger, died in the saddle, and came back as a horny toad." Got to love it!!

Well the annual Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 half ironman and Tri Raider are building up steam for this coming weekend. Natascha Badmann, 6 Time World Ironman Champion, is here to do battle with the other aspiring triathletes in the Yellowhouse Canyons. It will be a busy weekend and some fierce competition will prevail. More on Natascha in my next post.

Off to do some race directing,



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