Tuesday, August 05, 2008

JD's visit on the Hog

Riding the Hog is just like sex(well not exactly like sex, but in desire it is), I can go so long without it, then bingo I have to ride. So, yesterday I decided to ride down off the Caprock to the infamous and very unique JD's Bar and Grill(you can get a view of it on www.giantsiderally.com). While I have mentioned this joint before I still stand all amazed at how this place came about and why it stays popular among the local town folks and the moto riders who come to town to have a beer and a burger. The real story is the local town folks don't really go there for fear someone will see them there. It is across the tracks and still has its' first bullet hole in the front glass window. JD is normally sitting in the middle of the bar with his Crowne whiskey and very little ice and coke, hair down to his middle back, black hat, lots of facial hair, chain smoking and an attitude of "thank you" for being here. Yesterday I decided I needed to do a few things like, ride the motorcycle to JD's, order a Coors light draft with a burger(it takes 20 minutes to cook them, so you need to order immediately after arrival), no fries, mustard, tomatoes, and onions. The timing is such that you can easily quince your thirst with the first beer and then after the burger comes you can order the second one. But, what a minute, let me move back to my grand entrance to the bar. When you come in and happen to not be a local the eyes, ears and questions start from the get go. Now that I have been down there a few times(okay, a lot of times) the questions of where you from, what do you do, where are you going, where have you been, etc., are not ask anymore and I am kind of treated as a local. But one of my goals was to place the Giant Side Rally poster on the hallowed halls of JD's. So, the debate started among the bar patrons and bar maid of where the best place would be to put it. The front door made since but the glass was so dark and dirty you couldn't see it from the outside, so the poster hanging committee decided that it should face the bar area and then they could see it when they left. The only problem with that as one of the astute committee members pointed out was that most of them would be drunk on their ass and couldn't read it anyway. So then the bar maid decided that they should be put on the "shitter"(her words, I am only quoting) doors, that way they would always be seen. Long story short, I put them on both shitter doors, plus facing the inside of the bar on the front door. Now I know that they moto world as we all know it will see the posters and spend their valuable time in Lubbock for the Giant Side Rally and then venture into JD's for some cold beer, and great burgers.

Today I will mount the Hog again and ride to a triathlon planning meeting with the Big Spring Chamber of Commerce people. This ride will take about 2 hours and after this meeting I will visit the oldest Hog dealer in the state of Texas, to try and talk them into backing the Giant Side Rally, then back to Ransom Canyon.



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