Monday, August 04, 2008

Where have I been?, Groups, Movie Review

While it may seem like I haven't posted on this site in some time that is not just an assumption but really a fact. It has been over a month and there are many reasons for the lack of literary prose created by this mastermind. I just simply got myself overloaded with a thing called "life." When this happens there is just very little time left for creating great things to read and making points about the society as I see them. While my sense of humor never left me during this interim of writer block or just non-discipline behavior, I felt a complete overload in everything that I was doing. The 19th annual Buffalo Springs 70.3 left me with a complete fatigue let down, even more so than any other year, simply because of the potential weather disaster that never really happened. Yea, the cooler temperature, rain and wind, was enough to worry about, but the early morning potential of having one of those South Plains 20 minute storms that blows everything to hell in a hand basket just put a real strain on my worry glands and the question of "what do we do in this situation?" kept my butt squinched up like a vice for about 4 hours. Finally, the race got started and the athletes took over from there. Many thanks to all for that, and the race was a great success and now we are looking forward to number 20 in 2009.

One of the things that my keen eyes, steady heart and half assed hearing has revealed to me in the past few months is the ever growing amount of "groups" that exist in our country today. It seems as though there is a group for all causes and then the groups become formal associations and then the associations become national movements for anything from, let's pick up the trash on the roads group, to the body art group, to the old car group, to the athletic group, to the breast/penis enlargement group, etc. The other day I went into one of the major hotels in Lubbock and noticed these very old looking guys in the lobby sitting around talking and slapping each other on the back having a good ole time sharing stories. I thought they were probably one of these WW II(you know, the real war thing) veterans sitting around sharing stories about how many of the enemy they had disposed of and how disgusting the current war is, since the enemy is really unknown and really plays by no rules. They just grab a glass bottle, fill it with gasoline, set it on fire and toss it into a crowd and watch the body parts fly. This is no war, it is just a disagreement between a "group" of people who have never liked each other from the beginning of time(yea Bush, when reading the scriptures venture along Genesis about Chapter 4 and you will see the first battle of all time, those two dudes named Abel and Cain go after it and only one survives. They are still fighting and we are spending billions, losing good lives, to make people like each other that is an impossible task). Whoops, there goes that senior ramble thing again but my mind just evolved into this thought process and will now return to the little ole men group that was in the hotel, when I began to ramble. Well these guys really looked like death warmed over and then I saw this sign that said, National Taxidermist Association. Couldn't believe my eyes that there was really an association for those people who stuff dead animals. So, now I know why they looked like death warmed over. Of all the things that I like to do in this life, having a dead animal stuffed is not one of those things. So, now I know there are groups for everything and they continue to grow. I have noticed in the sport of triathlon that there is a cause for everything that you can imagine. People are running across the USA for the association that represents people with bad body odor, or long finger nails or some dreaded disease that we never heard of and hope to never catch. But, most of these causes are good they just have to be investigated and chosen carefully. Since making the decision to put on the really "first" ever 3 day event motorcycle rally in Lubbock I have really run across a bunch of groups within this sporting community of 2/3 wheel vehicles. First, there are the Hog(Harley Davidson) riders and their group is very definitive in that they ride the vibrating, black, noisy motorcycles nicknamed Hogs. These guys and gals all wear black leather, have do-rags, have facial hair, have body art, and just generally come across as real bad asses(of course I ride a Hog so what can I say). The generally ride up in a group with the loud pipes, no smile, and the attitude that they moved the earth on the eighth day, and don't give us any you know what. They also wave with the hand pointed to the ground. Then there are the Goldwing guys and gals. Now this is the ultimate touring motorcycle, doesn't make any noise, just kind of goes along sounding like a bumble bee buzz. These folks appear to be of the older generation, are very clean cut, have a big smile on their face and generally make fun of Hog riders whenever they get a chance. They will wave(this a tradition among motorcycle riders basically saying, hey dude we are together in this two wheeler obsession) with the arm and hand pointed in the upper position, with a very comfortable look on their face, since it is a very comfortable ride. Next comes the BMW group and boy does it ever change from the Hog group. These guys(very seldom will you see a girl riding one of these things) are well dressed, clean cut, and love passing Hogs since their machines will cruise at 110 with the ease of a falling down Mt. Everest, with a minor buzz sound. Hog riders have told me they would not ride one of these things simply because they go too fast and sudden death is one of the many amenities that come with their warranty. Then to sum up these groups we have the crotch rocket riders who defy gravity and speed like a silver bullet and when they crash are not identifiable because of all the fire and destruction. Since they usually crash at such high speeds their suffering is over with very quick. In summary, you can put all of the other models in the last group category. Now with all of these groups goes a certain amount of attitude, gestures, profile, intelligence, which is a good thing since everyone has a place. So, go out and buy you a two wheeler and enjoy the fun of one of these groups.

One of my favorite groups that I get to spend some time with are the triathlete groups and competing in a triathlon or two every once in a while. We did that just this weekend in Midland, Texas, while doing the Tall City Triathlon. This is a very old sprint type triathlon that starts in a pool, then goes out on the loop on the bike, then finishes with a little cute run in one of the parks. This is a well done race and very safe. It was an interesting test for me since I wanted to beat my time from last year(seems to be an obsession with me right now) and since there were no 70 year olds(either actual or aged up) I was competing against the clock. Well I had a decent swim, a great bike and went into the run knowing I could beat the 1:30:34 I had last year, if I hustled. Turns out I did and came in with a 1:28:17 and I am one year older. Now the kicker, the only thing I have done different is take the wonder drink called Mona*Vie with the Acai berry in it plus 18 other fruits. This stuff is the same thing I took before the Bottomless Lake Triathlon and shaved 2:30 minutes off of my time and broke 1 hour for the first time on that course. It has helped my endurance and energy considerably. Now to train some more, drink the juice, and compete some more.

Movie Review: "Dark Knight", *****, Heath Ledger is a shoo in for an Oscar. This is a great movie. Will go see again soon, to see what I missed. This is way beyond any Batman movie that has ever been presented.



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