Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bowling, Lubbock(new Triathlon mecca), Movie reviews

The bowling pins were smiling tonight as they laid down on that lane like good little boys and girls. As I have mentioned in the past bowling sometimes sucks and sometimes it doesn't suck. Tonight it did not suck, quite the contrary. Those little penguin looking pins were very obedient and allowed me to bowl my highest league game in history, a 200(yea I know, just 100 more and I would have had a perfect 300 game). But, I was able to carry a 165 average for the night and our team would have been very victorious if the team we were bowling hadn't got so hot it was beyond belief. The one team member bowled a 246 the first game, and he had a 112 average, then he had a 200 the next game. So, we didn't win the team battle tonight but did edge out one game. Oh, I can't wait until next week!!! My new formula for success was to not exercise at all during the day, especially swim, have a few beers and enter the bowling jungle feeling real loose, and it worked. Move over Don Carter(a Hall of Famer from past years) I am on the way.

Word was received in Lubbock yesterday that we have been selected to host the USA Triathlon National Collegiate championship for 2009-10, with 120 colleges and 1300 college triathletes coming to Lubbock to compete for the honors. We appreciate Visit Lubbock/The Sports Authority for making this possible. This will be a good thing for the community and will put more spot light on the sport. This is a fact, Lubbock is the only city in the United States and possibly the world, that is hosting a World Ironman qualifying event and a National Collegiate championship event. Thank the folks at our Visit Lubbock office, without them it would have not been possible. Let's all start training now so we can do the community race that will be held the day after the collegiate race. Remember the date, April 18, 2009.

Movie Reviews: "Beer For My Horses" **, Toby Keith drew me to this one since I knew it would be another useless, singer gone haywire trying to act type movie. Sure enough it was, but somewhat entertaining. The plot was typical and the conclusion was obvious, but entertaining to a degree. We do have some villains and a kidnapping, so Toby and his side kick leave for Mexico to rescue the damsel in distress. Only spend matinee money or the $2.00 movie house. Rated PG-13 for some violence, sexual humor and dialogue, language, drug content and brief nudity.

"Bangkok Dangerous", ***, Nicolas Cage plays a ruthless professional assassin and typical of his movies he does a large amount of narration. Turns out he is a very troubled guy and is ready to scoot out of this profession for something a little less stressful. Of course he finds a girl, sets up what could be his last job, and then all hell breaks loose. I liked the movie while my local critic didn't. So, what we never hardly agree anyway. Go see, it is an interesting movie. Rated R for violence, language, and sexuality.

"Burn After Reading", ****, The Coen Brothers follow Academy Award winning "No Country for Old Men" with a bizarre spy comedy. John Malkovich stars as an ousted CIA employee whose memoir accidentally falls into the hands of the two naive gymnasium employees intent on exploiting their find. Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, George Clooney and Tilda Swinton co-star. It is typical Coen written and produced, so expect some weird out things. Go see, it is fun to try and figure out how this will end. Rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content(understatement) and language(another understatement).

Off to Portland, OR for a USAT National Board meeting, and the National Age Group Championship for USAT.



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