Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ego, Movie Review

Contrary to popular belief the word "ego" is not a dirty word and I can prove it with some Kinky common sense(yes that same Kinky that ran for Governor and sent his newest book "What Would Kinky Do?"). For some reason during the past few days the word just keeps coming to my mind and even last night I had an interesting conversation about egos. If you look at the definition of ego you will see that it is defined as the "conscious" self, which is not a bad thing. Then you drop on down to egocentric and it gets more interesting, meaning "self centered," while dropping even further on the totem pole of definition you find "egoism" and the plot begins to thicken with excessive concern with one's self; conceit; belief in self-interest as a primary goal. Now we come to some strong words with "egomania" which is also excessive concentration on one's self, and the icing on the cake is the real "egotist" which is the worst of all since it is one with an overblown sense of self-importance. So, why would this word and topic be of interest to me and why did it come up in a conversation last night, with a dear friend? Well it beats the hell out of me and that could be answered by the influence of the wine, as served in the local girlie wine bar located in the depot district. Since I was told a number of years ago by another dear friend that I had a big ego I decided to really look in to that statement and see why anyone would say that to some one. What I found is that I do have an ego, as everyone on this planet has, and that is not a bad thing. As this person accused me of this terrible thing I ask her a few questions like what kind of car do you drive, her response was Lexus, then I ask about where she lived, which is Tech Terrace, then I ask about where she bought her clothes and she mentioned the most expensive place in Lubbock, then I ask about where she vacations and that happened to be trendy Sante Fe. Then of all things I ask about her most recent enhancement and cosmetic surgery. Then I said let's back up here and talk about my ego since at the time I drove a 5 year old Ford Bronco with 100,000 miles on it, lived in a common condo on 74th St., bought my clothes through mail order, never take a vacation, and for sure I have never had a penis enlargement surgery. Bottom line is I proved my point that this person had accused me of having a large ego but my questioning led to the fact that her ego must have been a tad bit larger, again looking at the definitions as presented by Webster. But, I contend this is not a bad thing at all and I believe that for people to move forward in life and accomplish the things that they wish for they must allow their ego to be a positive influence and good things will happen I promise. I promise that all of the people who achieve the success they desire ride that ole ego home like a champion race horse. The key is not to take it to egoism or egomania proportions.

Movie Review: "Swing Vote", *****, Man this is a great movie, with everything you might want since most of the emotions of life are covered in it. Bud Johnson(played by Kevin Costner) is an apathetic, beer drinking, somewhat lovable loser coasting through life. His one bright spot is precocious, 12 year old daughter Molly(Madeline Carroll), who takes care of both of them. When she registers him to vote and urges him to do just that, neither expected a series of events to make Bud's vote one that will decide the American presidency. Great story, great acting and a great ending. Rated PG-13 for language.



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