Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preview of stuff to come: Discovery, Change of USA leadership, How bad is it? How will Mr. Bush be rated? The state of USA Triathlon, Movie Review

Within the next few days all of the above subjects will be covered in detail, since much of the research is still being compiled by my vast army of researchers(me). Lots of things have happened this week and the change of leadership of the USA has caste a mood over the country that I have never witnessed before. Was the last 8 years of W. so bad that our country is looking for a new leadership so much that we would put him on a mantle that exceeds the real saviour, or what? In my next post I will go into some real detail on just how bad the country is in terms of financially(based on the facts I can gather) and what our new president is facing when he gets up each morning. If it doesn't affect his basketball shots I will be surprised, it may even drive him to the sport of triathlon. Stay tuned!!

Movie Review: "Last Chance Harvey", ***, Staring Dustin Hoffman playing an aging man still fighting it out in the business world and feeling really left out by his grown daughter, ex-wife, and her husband. But Harvey does meet someone and a few sparks begin to fly. Not a bad movie but a little slow at times. I went into it not knowing what it was about, since I had not read any reviews on it. The movie made my day when he woke up decided to take the leap out of his comfort zone and see the world in a different light. Go to early movie and get a discount. Rated: PG, and for what reason I really don't know.



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