Sunday, February 01, 2009

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On a recent trip to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, I became enthralled with the caverns and the majestic sites that they give you over 800 feet underground. As we were entering the caverns the hard way, by foot, my friend Mark(Balls to the world) and I commented on what it must have been when Mr. Jim White had the courage to enter these caverns initially all alone. Between the darkness and no keen walking paths like they have now, just one misstep and he was a goner. While Mr. White did not actual discover the caverns he was the only person at the time that had the passion to enter the caverns at his own risk to explore them and prepare the caverns so that others could enjoy them. When he first went into the caverns in 1898 he became totally overwhelmed with the passion to develop them, it was truly a miracle that he was able to survive for so many years in this development. But really the cool story is that he was doing this for no pay or any motivation to make the caverns a cash cow for himself. He just wanted the world to come to see the caverns and enjoy their natural underground beauty. That was his pay check. In the same time as he continued to discover new aspects of the caverns he was able to convince the Federal Parks department in Washington, D.C. that the caverns should be a National Park and this did happen officially in 1930. Along with this designation goes the recognition of being a National Park but other perks involved Federal funding for further development. Mr. White continued to lead the discovery teams into the caverns and help develop it for future generations to visit. He also established a "guano" mining operation for a company out of California, after learning that bat guano was the most valuable fertilizer known, and the fruit growers in California were clamoring for it. So, Mr. White was hired to figure out how to get this valuable bat "s..." out of the caverns. This he did for over 20 years, and as long as the bats produced everything was fine(which wasn't a problem since they ate foods rich in fiber). This also gave him the opportunity to continue exploring the caverns. So, what we have here is a case of discovery beyond reproach and when I started thinking about it I couldn't come up with any major discovery that has really happened in our country since that time. You say well what about the moon walk, well sorry about that but we knew the moon was there so there was really discovery, just some moon walking dudes called astronauts. Now we did have a major health discovery in 1955 when Dr. Salk discovered the Salk vaccine that cured and prevented polio. Since that time there has been no real discovery of a cure or prevention for any major disease(I believe that is the case because the medical profession does not want real cures, after all it would put them out of business if the medicine they prescribe prevented the illnesses that they make billions off of) Their motto is cut and remove, then patch it up with some kind of prescription drug, then when that goes bad, cut again). Yes there are some drugs that may help a person to live longer, but not necessarily with a great life style. Bottom line here is that I am really impressed with those people who stick their necks out to help discover new enjoyments for our life style.

Well it has been 10 days since our new President of the United States has been sworn in(actually two times) to office. Has he made any changes in this short time? The answer is yes, even though some are very subtle and really mean nothing to the every day citizen, i.e. the new dress code that does not require everyone that works in the White House to keep their suit coat on during business hours(a rule of the W. man). Mr. O has even been seen and photographed at his desk without a coat on. Now does this really matter to the citizens of the USA? I don't think so, what I am interested in is the financial crisis we are in, what about the two wars we are in, what about the scum bag CEO's of major corporations that are taking billions of bonus money while their companies lose money and lay thousands off from their jobs. Or get this one, one of the reasons for the billions of dollars lost by the auto makers is because of the huge amounts of money being paid to the unions for the union employees. Now get this, one of the annual payments in their health care plan amounting to $19 million is for Viagra, or called by some as the "get it up pill". So, this is what I want our president to be concerned with and I don't care if he corrects it in his birthday suit!! The obsession with watching the President of the United States has always been a big deal, but with this one it has gone over the edge. Let's hope that he can deliver all that he has promised and the fact that he comes from the most corrupt state in the union should have no bearing on his service, after all Honest Abe was also from Illinois.

The little w.(now so because he is no longer the President of the USA or Commander in Chief) made a flying trip to Midland, Texas in a big jet but not Air Force One, after the inauguration to tell the locals of how good it felt to be home(25,000 showed up for this proclamation). Then after about 30 minutes in the Tall City he loaded up in the multi-million dollar jet and flew to Dallas where he will actually be living in a $2 million house. You didn't think he was actually going to live in the Tall City did you? Can't wait for his book to tell us the real story. The first chapter might be headlined with something like this, "Slick Willey handed me a budget surplus of $128 billion and through my due diligence as president for the next 8 years he grew it to a whopping $438 billion(deficit), but could actually be $750 billion". Then on the other side of the scale the national debt was $5.7 trillion when he took office and when he left it had grown to $10.6 trillion. Are we going backwards here or what? Wow, what success and quite frankly it is giving me a headache. The problem with the national debt is that we owe this to foreign countries and the annual interest is over $660 billion and counting. What a first chapter!!

We just returned from USA Triathlon Regional and National annual meetings that I can proudly say saw our National Federation in excellent financial shape and membership still growing. Many have ask how this is happening with the financial condition of our country. My only comment is that triathlon is a life style sport and no matter what the triathlete is going to swim, bike and run no matter the conditions of the world. They have the same dedication and obsession that Mr. White had when he went below the surface of the earth in a lonely dark cave, just so the rest of the world could follow him. There is no substitute for passion!!

Movie Reviews: "Body of Lies", *, Waste of acting talent(Dicarpio and Crowe) on a story of the Middle East. Enough said, go see or dial into pay for TV at your own risk. Rated PG-for some violence(after all it is the Middle East), and some language.

"Bride Wars", *, a real waste of time. It gets one star because the popcorn was fresh and the coke was cold. Boring, and stupid!! What a combination. Rated: PG-for what reason I don't know, probably because it was so stupid.



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