Sunday, November 01, 2009

Service, Bueaucrats-Payoff time, Movie Review

Who said service is dead in this country? This week I traveled to San Antonio to do some marketing work for Athletes Honey Milk (try it, you will like it) and experienced some great service. I will admit I had gotten tired of the usual rental car stuff where they throw the keys at you and move on to the next customer, then the hotel makes you feel like you are an alien and you are lucky if the plastic key works. Well I was shocked when I got off of the plane picked up my bag and strolled up to the rental car company to a smiling face and a big welcome. Then the shuttle driver was very nice and helpful with putting my bag on the bus. When arriving at the area to pick up my car there was a person waiting for me to get off the bus and she walked me to my car and made sure it was what I wanted and that it was in good order. Usually you have to find the space that is on your rental agreement and then you have to wander around the parking lot to find it, especially if they want to get tricky with their numbering since it never just goes, 1, 2, 3, etc., and always has some kind of lettering to go with the numbering and they never make sense. In other words, no common sense logic. But with my rental the young lady just walked me to my space and I had no worries, and she gave me a fresh bottle of water to boot. Needless to say my impression was good and I looked forward to the day (this has to be what it feels like to be president I think to myself). Later I checked into the hotel and the service, bright smile and what can I do for you just got better. They gave me a much discounted rate in a first class room with major discounts on everything. It just can’t get any better than this I am thinking to myself, and then it does. We go out to eat to a very first class restaurant and the service is beyond reproach and the food matches it. The next day I scoot around the city and take care of business and decide to return to Ransom Canyon a day early. Now if I am flying American Airlines I know that to do this is like changing the original Ten Commandments, or bluntly speaking it takes an act of God to change a ticket and more money than the original ticket cost. But I was flying Southwest and compared to American it is like eating juicy rib eye steak to raw crawdads, it just doesn’t compare. As I suspected the exchange was done very easily, with no extra charge and I was on my way home a day early. When I entered the Enterprise parking lot I was greeted by two gentlemen who were very attentive and very inquisitive to how my day was going. I assured them that it was going great guns and their service was beyond reproach. Since tourist cities have a tendency to really not be too service oriented I am really impressed with San Antonio. I have traveled there many times and I don’t think it was ever this good. So, go to the Alamo city and see what you think, just don’t go swimming in the river walk.

When traveling I always read the USA Today newspaper and I noticed a glaring article on page one about our president, yes that President of the United States, the Big . It is titled, “Top Obama Fundraisers get Posts.” Turns out that 40%(20 of 47) of President Obama’s top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic postings in countries such as France, Spain and the Bahamas. That doesn’t surprise me, why would they want to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, or say maybe a little outing in Pakistan to picnic with Bin Laden? So, they get the top spots based on the money they raised for him to get elected. Thought this was a volunteer thing? Now you wonder, well are they getting paid anything to do this or would they donate their time to our great country. Guess you thought I had been eating rotten chocolates to even suggest such a thing since their salaries will range from $152,000-162,000. Normally these salaries are determined by seniority on the job, so I wonder, how are these salaries determined? Forgot to mention that to get this kind of plush assignment you will have had to raise at least $500,000 for his campaign. He also has appointed 54 volunteers to his campaign staff to other government positions. Who says bureaucrats don’t have it made? While I realize the Big O has never been in business, has never had to make or meet a payroll and has always lived off of the government(local, state, and national) cash register he really doesn’t care how much debt is rung up since he just knows that the government will take care of it. I hope that all of these people enjoy their gift, while the country goes to hell in a hand basket the bueaucrats just keep on taking and the free enterprise system keeps providing. And that is all I am going to say about that.

Movie Review: “Couples Retreat”, **, this movie is based on an idea by co-star Vince Vaughn, a good actor and sometimes funny. It revolved around four couples who all have been married at least 10 years or more, with one couple deciding they are going to get divorced. But before they do this they want to try one last remedy for what ails their marriage. They talk the other 3 into going with the understanding that they do not have to do any of the marriage repair stuff. When they get there they find that they all must go through the therapy. That is when the movie gets nearly good. Vince Vaughn is the only actor I recognized. Go see at discount or wait for DVD. Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.



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