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The month of June started out like it always does: Milkman Triathlon starts out the month with a great sprint triathlon that celebrated its' 25th year and had a record number of athletes. The weather was great, the event well organized and we both came home with a white milk jug. This meant that we had placed within the top three and it really felt good. Afterwards we then departed for the Dexter bar to celebrate our winnings, eat lunch and have a few adult beverages. Normally the bar is filled with triathletes from Milkman re-hashing the event and their race, but this year was different. As Marti and I sat there by ourselves(except for some black leather biker guys) we were the only ones attending the after race get together. As we started to count how many people used to come to this gathering, we stopped at 20, we wondered what the hell was going on. We wondered if it was us(we didn't get to shower like we usually do after the race, so again maybe it was the "odor" of the day that kept people away) or whether this practice of getting together after the race was just something of the past and now people had better things to do. One year there were so many people at the gathering we had to have a separate room for the group. With this in mind we decided we had to make the most of it, possibly drink a little more beer, eat a little more chili and tell more lies. So, that is what we did and it really turned out to be a great day. There was one dude triathlete that came in and kind of joined us by sitting to a table close to the bar and we had some conversation with him. Regardless of the lack of attendance Marti and I were able to celebrate our infamous Milkman White Jug, eat some great chili and sip some adult beverage before we departed to Lubbock. We enjoyed ourselves and have kept the tradition going of visiting the Dexter bar and also proved that sometimes Plan B can be as good as or better than Plan A. On the way back we decided to hit the Depot District in Lubbock and visit the girlie(not to be confused with "gay") bar, and sip some civilized Lubbock made wine. It turned out we hit a jack pot with one of the better local bands setting up their instruments when we got there. So, we ordered a bottle of red sweet and waited for the band to play. This day has really turned into a day of celebration and made us feel completely partied out by the time we hit Ransom Canyon.

One of the reasons we have always enjoyed Milkman is that is gives us a day to race and take our mind off June 28th, simply because that is when the 20th annual Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 was being held for 2009. This year promised to be a big one and the entries were coming in faster than ever before, so we were guaranteed to have a large crowd. Along the way we had our normal challenges, with volunteers not being able to be there or the weather looking really weird. While the volunteers are something we can work around the weather is another thing that we have no control over. So, with over 100 degree days staring us in the face and then thunder storms and high wind it made for some very nervous days before the event. On the morning of the event a "cold" front moved in from the NE bring clouds and high winds(25-30 gusts), temps in mid 60's, with a high in the morning of 75 and later in the day of 85. There were heavy rains during the run portion but nothing dangerous. The event went off without major injury and we had a new winner for the male side from Australia, Paul Mathews, and for the female side from Texas, Amy Marsh. All of the slots for Clearwater and Kona were taken, we enjoyed the great music at the Tequilla Bar presentation by Don Caldwell and his great band, and now planning for 2010. The city of Lubbock was a great host and Lubbock Sports has done it again with their hard work and support for the event. The Lubbock Avalanche Journal gave us great coverage with 5 articles(you can see on, the radio and TV stations were great, so it was a wonderful 20th year. Thanks to all who came to the event and may even read this blog, see you in 10.

On the way to Dexter I encountered some real rude retail store people in one of the convenience stores that we usually(no more I might add) stop at for water, gasoline, etc. It made me wonder what had happened to courteous retail store people and why their don't appreciate our business. After all if we weren't buying they wouldn't have a job. The rudeness all started when we went into the store to get some water, pretzels, etc., and when we went up to the counter both of the ladies ignored us and even though there was three cash registers they were closing out one so they couldn't take our money. But instead of saying something like, "sorry it will be just a few seconds while we close out this register, they ignored us." So, we stood in line while the line built behind us and they continued to ignore us and play around with the register. Finally I said, "Are we going to be waited on sometime today?" This of course did get their attention, but they still ignored us and my question(then was when I should have left the stuff on the counter and walked out, but I didn't) was not answered. Finally they got it ready, as their faced puffed up with indigence and defiance, and more rudeness was extended to the customers that pay their way. After I handed her the money to pay for the stuff she took the change and threw it down on the counter as to say, "stick it up your butt!" I then said, "was that in lieu of a thank you for your business?" Of which she said, "well you threw it at me, which I didn't, (even though I wanted to do even more with it than just throw it at her)." So I took my change and politely informed her that if we weren't in the store buying things she wouldn't have a job(seemed to be my theme of the day), of which she then ignored me completely. My conclusion is that retail service now sucks big time in this country and the customer is almost treated with the thought that we are lucky they are there to take our money and treat us like dirt. What I can do though is change to the store down the street from them, and direct as much business somewhere else and tell my friends about the rude Taylor convenience store in Brownfield, Texas. Please go to the Allsup's store when you travel through Brownfield and you will make me happy. You will notice I have not mentioned the nationality of the two rude people working behind the counter, since I know I would be hung from the nearest rafter. But, that also had something to do with how we were treated. NaNaNaNaaaaaaa!! I can buy my pretzels some where else!!!

Movie Review(Note-not many reviews simply because not much time was allocated for movies this month):

"Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" ***, This is the sequel to the original and is actually a little better than the first. Ben Stiller is now a very successful television infomercial huckster, but goes back to the museum to save the day. Seems as though they are closing it so they can go to a more modern way of presenting the facts. Amy Adams play Amelia Earhart and puts a little zest into the story. Worth seeing on the discounted fee. Rated PG for mild action and brief language.

"The Proposal", ***, When a powerful book editor (played by Sandra Bullock) faces deportation to her native Canada, the quick thinking executive declares that she is engaged to her unsuspecting, put-upon assistant(Ryan Reynolds), whom she has tormented for 3 years. He agrees to participate in the charade, but with a few conditions of his own. The movie really gets good when they go home to his native Alaska to meet his parent(who are very wealthy, a fact unknown to Bullock). Some very funny scenes, especially the nude scene. Rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity, and language(but really a light weight in all three categories).



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Mike-Great BSLT race once again this year. Although I curse the course each time, I always applaude the organizing and pre and post race activities. Congrats on your milk jug wins at Milkman!

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Blogger Fast Twitch Mind said...

Many thanks to you for being here, sorry for delay in answering.

Be back next year for some more fun!

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