Friday, November 04, 2011


While I know the local print newspapers are on their way out I still enjoy going to the end of my driveway every morning around 5:30 a.m. and picking up the daily paper. Our paper person(use to be called “paper boy) puts it right where I can see it in the dark and never under one of our vehicles or in the morning lawn watering. Since I was a paper boy back in my “boy” days I know how important it was to put it in just the right place. Then I head back into the house, grab a cup of tea and see what the news is. Of course with internet news I know this print stuff is about 24 hours old, so I take that into consideration when I read it. For the most part I like all of the sections of the paper but I guess the one that amazes me the most is the obituraries. It is amazing what you will find in this section and how much you can learn about a person from reading them. Today the oldest was 94 and the youngest was 55, most everyone died from natural causes, whatever that is. It always irritates me when they don’t say exactly what caused the death, but I have noticed if you look in the latter part of the article it will say where to send the flowers and suggested memorials, i.e. Alzheimer’s Association, Heart Association, etc., so you get a clue of what happened. A few years ago we had a friend die and he was a few years older than me, so it could have been anything but it didn’t say for sure. After checking around town I found that he was sitting in his hot tub, passed out and then drowned. Since I used to see him at the local two stepping dance halls it seems strange not to see him there and to think he met his waterloo actually in the rambling waters of a hot tub. The other day I read an obit about a guy that was actually my age and in the article it actually said, “when he finally died, it was peaceful!” I took issue with the word “finally”!! What did that mean exactly as my mind wonders if the family was sitting around him wondering if he would “finally” die before their eyes. May we all rest in peace as the people who write our obits have a little fun and tell the world how we departed!

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