Sunday, September 18, 2011

Losing It-Not, 340th

Yesterday was a great fall day in West Texas, just perfect for my 340th triathlon. Temperature was in the low 60’s, some overcast, slight favoring wind(this is my definition of a favoring wind-one that you go out on the course against it and then return with it). My reasoning is that you are able to ride it when you are the strongest and then speed through it coming back with it to your back. Since the run is first in this event(the Country Country Triathlon-Levelland, Texas) we had the same type of favor. After the bike we enter the swim in a pool and swim 400 yards. The only problem with this order of the disciplines is that your arms feel like lead and it is hard to get you breathing evened out. Plus, there are people all over you trying to kick, bite, scratch, push, hit, and then finally swim around you. I had a guy that wasn’t fast enough to pass me but was fast enough to stay on my heels(wish I had had some of those 8 inch heels on I wrote about a few days ago) and he bugged me the whole swim. Regardless I did beat him to the wall by about 5 seconds and it was done for another year. My efforts gave me a 2nd in my age group of four 70-74 year olds and now it was time to eat a burger and relax a little. Congrats to all my fellow triathletes and thanks for the competitive opportunities we have for friendly competition. Now let’s get ready for the half-marathon season and kick some butt!!

For sure I owe my faithful readers a few words of explanation. I just reviewed my previous blogs and found that I reviewed the movie, “The Debt” two times. Guess it falls in the category of losing it or something, but not really. Just got carried away with a good movie and did not mark it as posted on my chart. It would be losing it if I didn’t catch it or couldn’t remember posting it after I discovered I posted it. Does that make sense? Sorry about that, but it is still a three star.

EA, SH........:)



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