Tuesday, August 09, 2011


With the drought and heat still going on in our fair state, I have noticed something very different. When I ride the Hog there are no bugs on my windshield, no bugs in my teeth, and just plain no bugs to speak of. Usually this time of year while going 80 MPH down the highway my wind shield picks up plenty of those little creatures as they smash into a terrible mess of funny colors and gooie remains. Fact is after a ride it usually takes me two hours to clean up the carnage, but now there is nothing to clean up. I also wonder about the laws of nature and how this affects it. Since snakes eat the insects I wonder what they are eating to stay alive, and how this affects all the other laws of nature. In our cotton fields the insects are generally put down with the insecticides but now there is no need for that, of course with no rain there is very little cotton so there is nothing for the insects to destroy. Wow, this law of nature thing is really getting disturbing. I also have noticed that the buzzards that congregated in the top of our trees are no longer there. Wonder how the law of nature has affected them since they have to eat road kill to stay alive and there just not much road kill anymore since the animals are too hot from the heat and have no water to drink, so they stay off of the road ways. The only exception to that is the prairie dogs who seem to think they can take on a 5,000 lb. vehicle head on and come out the winner. The drouth is supposed to be here until 2013, it will be interesting to see how we all survive and how nature will react!!

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very interesting blog. Did NOT miss the movie reviews one bit!!

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