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Play It Again Sam, Movie Reviews

As I study the American Presidents I am always impressed with something in their lives that puts them in a category all by themselves.  As I seek information on them I find that no matter how good or bad they were or how they are rated they are special people given the opportunity to serve at a given time in history.  You can take one of the lowest rated Presidents such as James Buchanan and the plus he carried into the White House was that he had over 37 years of public service to offer(most of any president in history).  That was the good news, but the bad news was he really had no clue on how to use it in his service as the President. He failed miserably and when he handed over the presidency to Abraham Lincoln he muttered, “if you are as happy to be elected to this office as I am to leave it, you are one happy person!”  Then there is true “renaissance man” Thomas Jefferson the third President and man of many interests.  He studied Latin, Greek and French at age 9, studied classical literature and additional languages at 14 studied Law at 19, then to really stand out in the crowd he wrote the Declaration of Independence at 33.  After a more than full life he died at 83 on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He was also an architect and inventor. 

So what is the big deal about all of this and are these presidents mentioned exceptions to the rule of the others.  Well the answer, in my opinion, to that is no and each man brought something different to the table, good or bad.  But let’s take Jefferson and as to the question, “where did all of this early life knowledge come from and why was it given to him?”  My belief is that it is all part of the reincarnation theory defined simply as the rebirth of the soul.  So, as we go through each life we accumulate vast amounts of knowledge that will be carried over to the next life.  That is why we have child prodigies that play concert piano at age 4, or speak foreign languages, in addition work  mathematical formulas others cannot do at any time in their life.  While I realize many theological authorities will say this is all a bunch of bull I have this feeling within my insides that it is not bull but very true.  One of the great military generals of World War II, General George Patton was a firm believer that he has fought in many battles in his previous lives and even had visions of these battles.  He used them to strategize against the great German military leaders such as General Rommel during WW II.  Bottom line here is that I believe we should learn everything we can and then as we enter the rebirth zone we will be armed with lots of knowledge to help mankind!

Movie Reviews:  

“Jack Reacher”, ****, Tom Cruise plays the title character, a former military policeman who returns to the United States and goes off the grid as he becomes a drifter.  After a sniper kills five people in Pittsburgh, police arrest a man named Barr.  He asks them to contact Reacher.  When this is done by the defense attorney the action really begins.  Cruise plays this part well and is very convincing.  Rated PG-13 for violence, language and some drug material.

“Life of Pi”, ****,  A highly nominated movie for honors at the Globe Awards and the Oscars.  This is about a zoo keepers son who is moving with his family and several animals from India to Canada.  A storm sinks their freighter, and Pi shares a life raft with the only other survivors: an injured zebra, a vicious hyena, a sad orangutan and a hungry, 450 pound Bengal tiger.  While he tells the story we know he survives, after 8 months at sea.  Rated PG for emotional thematic content throughout, and some scary action sequences and peril. 

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