Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite running spots, marathons and triathlons, Movie reviews, Misc

My favorite spots around the the USA for running: Monterey, CA, Huntsville, AL(historic downtown or by the creek), Mackenzie Park, Lubbock, Tx, White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX, Memorial Park, Houston, TX, Bangor, PA(not to be confused with Maine), Virginia Beach, VA(home of the Edgar Cayce foundation), Chicago, ILL(Lakeshore Dr.), Russellville, ARK, Tulsa, OK(by the river), Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Redding, CA, Indianapolis, IND, Colorado Springs, CO, Yellowhouse Canyons, Ransom Canyon, TX, Seattle, WA, Ft. Davis, TX. For triathlons: Milkman Triathlon, Dexter, NM, Wool Capital, San Angelo, TX, Colombia Triathlon, MD, San Diego International, CA, Las Vegas, NM, Boulder Peak Triathlon, CO, Thousand Trails, TX, Ransom Canyon, TX, Great Floridian, FL, Ultra Max, MO, Ironman, Kona, HI, Ft. Davis, TX. For marathons: White Rock Lake, The Rock, Dallas, TX, Tenneco Houston(old course, Greerman PR 3:35), Houston, TX, Tulsa, OK, Cowtown, Ft. Worth, TX, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pittsburgh, PA, Mark Garland Inv., Lubbock, TX. Marathons I have always wanted to do, and will some day: Big Sur, CA, Marine Corps, DC, Chicago, ILL, Grandma's, MN, San Antonio, TX.

Movie reviews: "The Holiday" ****, a romantic comedy, good story, good ending, lots of emotion that makes sense, very good acting, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black(he actually acts). Enjoyable, worth the money. "We Are Marshall" ****, The true story of the U of Marshall airplane crash that killed 75 people including most of the team(3 exceptions that did not travel to the game), coaches and administrators. New coach, Jack Lengyel, played by Matthew MConaughey, recruits and coaches the team to competition the next year after the crash. Very good football scenes, with good acting all around the campus. "Wolf" ****, an older movie shown on Showtime last night, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pheifer, publisher is bitten by a wolf, later turns to a werewolf and spreads the good news around by stalking the streets at night and infecting those who get in his way. With Nicholson's eyes he is perfect for the role. Entertaining and interesting ending.

If we are what we eat, then our mind must be what we read. After looking around my office I find the following: The Standard Works(King James Version of the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price), Story of Karma, Edgar Cayce, Quotable General-Bobby Knight, Telephone book, Team of Rivals, Lincoln Quotes, Cowboy Logic, Kinky Friedman, Presidential Ratings, John Daly-Inside and outside the Rough, Harley Davison parts manual, Lies At The Alter, Dictionary, Boston Terrier's, Roberts Rules of Order-For Dummies, USAT By-Laws, The Zig Ziggler Difference, Inside Triathlon, Sports Illustrated, Red Gold, Mind Management, 31 Steps to Success, and on and on!! Wow, now I know where I am coming from!!! Where???



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