Monday, January 29, 2007

Special movie review(warning), Tiger does it again!!

Some learned person said that men don't ask for directions nor do they read instructions. So, what does that have with this special movie review? We went to see "Volver" last night, starring Penelope Cruz(always good to look at, and not a bad actress either). Even though I skimmed the description of the movie what got my attention was Ms. Cruz. The description said, "this movie is a comedy-drama centering on three generations of women." It also is rated R for some sexual content(meaning lots of cleavage from Cruz, incest in the past revealed, incest potential in the future implied, and a useless husband taken to staying drunk and unemployed). Not mentioned in this description is lieing, cheating, stealing, filthy language, and oops I forgot the big one, murder(twice). While it is called a comedy is beside me, but I do admit there was some drama. Now the cruncher comes when we discover that it is in Spanish with caps below for the dialogue. This was not in the description or I would have never been there. This is not how I like to watch a movie, watching the actors speak and act, then looking below them to see what they said is not nor has ever been appealing to me. It actually gives me a headache. My suggestion is to beware, and be guarded on seeing this movie. My rating is **, and you have been warned. I do rate the cleavage shots at ***** and there was even some discussion about this in the dialogue(in Spanish of course).

Tiger Woods wins another golf tournament in taking the Buick Open for the fifth time. This also extends his winning streak to 7 consecutive and on the way to catching Lord Byron Nelson's 11 consecutive. The Tiger is the man!!!!



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