Sunday, May 27, 2007

Buffman & Squeaky report, Bowling, Movie review

The third annual Buffman & Squeaky Olympic distance triathlon went off without a hitch, on the 20th. This race is billed as a tune up for the longer, more challenging 70.3(half ironman) Buffalo Springs 70.3 Ironman race. The weather was perfect and the 150 racers were given a great opportunity to race in excellent weather for a new pr. The water temperature was 64 degrees, so wetsuits were a must, and the ground temperature never reach over 75 for the day. The Buffman and Squeaky dogs were there to welcome everyone to their namesake event and they actually stayed for most of the race. Around noon time, just before the awards, they just had to return to their back yard for some peace and quiet. They both agreed it was a great day and they appreciated all that supported the race. At least the Buffman didn't try to heist his leg on the USAT official this year(he has had some anger management training) like he did last year.

This past week was the last week for bowling and my ole team, Spare Me, finished 5th out of 10(how is that for a middle of the packer finish) and we actually won $101.85(don't ask). There is a two person team league going now, but I will rest up for the summer, do my tri training and get back to the alley's this fall. Bowling, like golf, is hard to describe and the question is always whether it is a sport or not. I do know that people who carry over 200 averages sure deliver that ball down the lane different than I do and golfers who score in the below par scores hit it very different than I do, so they are some kind of athlete. Of course they say my triathloning is beyond thought or reproach, I comment back that if I can do it anyone can. So, we all wonder around this world in our own little thing and what difference does it really make.

Movie review: "Georgia Rule" ***+, this movie was given a bad review by our local guy, so I thought I should check it out for myself. While it will not win any awards, it was really a good(not excellent) movie. I always like Jane Fonda(she plays her age in this one, so no cleavage or tight pants) and have enjoyed her acting over the years. It is a mother, daughter, granddaughter type movie and has some interesting stuff. Of course Jane Fonda is the grandmother, Lindsay Lohan is the granddaughter(seems to play herself in this since she is basically a rebellious slut, oh and I forgot was sexually abused when she was 12, so has the reasons to be a rebellious slut), Lily is her mother who has a drinking problem(played by an actress from Desperate Housewives that I can't recall her name) which is the reason she can hate her mother(Jane). So, now you get the jest and can go see for yourself how they all decide to live happily ever after and who the real demons and villains are. You will also see where the movie title comes from. Rated R for sexual content and some language(I would guess so since Lindsay tells the local town girls that if they don't leave her alone she will f... the brains out of all their boy friends if they don't get out of her face).



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