Friday, April 06, 2007

Sea Gulls, Few Perks available(poor things), Movie Review

It is amazing how we can go along in life and not have somethings happen to us, then the unexpected happens. Last weekend while attending the "very excellent" Lone Star Triathlon Festival in Galveston, Texas, we were sitting in the refreshment area enjoying the complimentary adult beverage minding our own business when lo and behold a sea gull flew over and pooped on my favorite Ironman shirt. Now, for the life of me I know that in my 68 years this has never happened to me. But, not only did this dirty bird poop on my right sleeve it hit in the white portion of the shirt so it really showed up. One thing I was proud of is that the color of it matched my black and white colored shirt. Of course I don't think Graham Fraser would be too proud since it was an Ironman Florida shirt. Oh well, now I had to finish my beer while seeing this bomb sitting on my sleeve. After letting it dry a little bit I went into the rest room and was able to remove it with a paper towel and water. Now I can say that just about everything I can imagine has happened to me. One thing I can say about sea gulls is that they are very interesting to watch and since they travel in groups, they always make their presence known. We have a lot of vultures who catch the wind currents in the canyons and circle and circle around for hours. Since their are so many old people in Ransom Canyon I assume they assume that someone is going to die real soon and they can get some fresh meat. Wow, what a ghastly sight, I must be in some kind of weird zone to even think this since I fall in the Senior category.

My own assessment of the Lone Star Triathlon festival was a simple five star rating *****, can't go any higher than that, since that is the highest of my rating index. Keith Jordan puts on an excellent race and is truly a valued asset of our great state. He and his staff are to be commended and we look forward to actually competing in one of his races soon. We always enjoy volunteering and had some great fun on the bike course. There are some excellent detailed race reports on Suggest anyone interested go to this site.

Last week I noticed in USA Today and front page article about the lack of "perks" offered to the families of the basketball players who will play in the final four this week. To me the article was totally disgusting and it reminded me of why our society is so full of itself and true bulls..t. The subject was on the huge sums of money that they basketball programs bring to a university and the fact that the "student-athletes" only get their scholarships out of these funds. The families were complaining that they only get free tickets to the championship game and have to pay for the rest of the trip on their own dime. Well poor things, what is amateur athletics about anyway? I cannot think of one reason why they should get anything more than complimentary tickets to the game. One parent even made the statement that all the athletes get out of all this is a free education. WOW, JUST A FREE EDUCATION, that galls the hell out of me. An education is the most valued thing in the world and this narrow minded parent says, "just an education." Wish I could meet her in person and let her know what this should really mean. It also makes me appreciate Coach Bob Knight even more since his graduation rate of his players is 95% and many of the basketball factories are nothing more than breeding grounds for the NBA with education in the back row.

Just below the "poor parents" article there was one on how the obesity problem of the USA is affecting the recruiting requirements of soldiers for our professional volunteer armed forces. Seems as though our kids are becoming so fat that the military is having to adjust their requirement to better accommodate the obesity that is running wild in our country. These are the same parents that are suggesting they need more perks, at the same time they are feeding their little darlings to a point they cannot pass a physical exam by age 18 and must go on extensive diets to be accepted in the military. Disgusting!!!

Movie Review: "Shooter" *****, Mark Walberg does it again, playing the part of a sharp shooter for the military, he makes us believe it is really happening. A must see for people who like action and enjoy seeing the bad guys taken care of in an appropriate manner.


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