Sunday, April 15, 2007

Golf and Bowling, Movie review, Current books

Golf and bowling are a lot alike, hand to eye coordination are very important and correct form is a must. While these sports don't seem to take a lot of athleticism(whatever that is) they are very much a challenge to master. I have always felt like that anything I could do while drinking a beer, eating a burger, and in some cases smoking a cigar or cigarette, it just wasn't much of a sport, but again what do I know. After participating in many sports over the years I sure haven't mastered golf or bowling. Fact is, I guess I am somewhat miserable at both of them. So, when I see these sports done in such a way as the current pros play golf(I haven't watched any pro bowlers lately so can't speak for them at this time) I am truly amazed and have to say that they are tremendous golfing athletes. From what I see of the current guys and gals on the pro tours I would say that they could probably convert to just about any sport and become good at it, if they wanted to. God forbid if Tiger decided to convert to triathlon, move over guys because he would apply all of the focus and dedication it would take to win and win big. Now what has motivated this thought process this morning has to do with watching the Masters golf tournament last weekend. Fact is the weather was very bad, so we road the indoor trainer and watched endless hours of the Masters on Saturday and Sunday. Even though the weather was playing havoc with the Masters, these guys were still out there in the wind and cold hitting that little white ball around the beautiful Augusta National golf course. Now a days when it comes to the major golf tournaments the one name that always comes to mind to be in the winners circle on the final day is Tiger Woods. I remember vividly when he came on the professional golf scene a little over 10 years ago and started winning like no one else has ever done, in that short time span. His attitude is simple, he believes he can win any tournament he enters. Of course he doesn't always do that, but he sure wins plenty. So, needless to say he was expected to win his fifth Masters title and maintain his kingmanship, but it just didn't happen this time. As Rick Reilly(my favorite writer for Sports Illustrated) said, "Life promises you a few things. Cary Grant's fly won't ever be unzipped. Dobermans won't ever go vegetarian. And Tiger Woods won't ever cough up the lead on a major Sunday. Life lies. On Sunday, Tiger charged to the lead and then actually, yep, LOST IT!! In 12 major tournaments he has never lost the lead after regaining it, but he did in this one. Fact is, as Rick points out, "on the 12th hole, Woods left his birdie try five feet short! I thought I'd see John Daly(one of the few real bad boys of golf) enter Harvard before I ever saw Tiger leave a big birdie putt short. So, you ask, "enough of the Tiger man, who won the damn Masters?" Well it seems that a 31 year old gentleman from Iowa did his home work, played with a conservative nature, let the long ball hitters hit away into the rough and water, and won it fair and square. What was a little irritating to me was that when Sports Illustrated did their cover for the Master they showed Tiger making a trouble shot out of the rough that actually broke his club, and put a little 2" x 2" inset photo of Zack Johnson who won the tourney. Oh well it is a proven fact that Tiger not only drives the golf ball, but drives the PGA, so why not give him the cover. When the pro tour started growing in prize money Lee Trevino use to say that for every $1.00 he won he should give Arnold Palmer 50 cents of it since he was the influence of that day on growing prize money. Well if that be the case now, all of the pros should give Tiger 80 cents of what they win. Regardless, I love the game of golf and keep up with it as if I played it very often, which I don't. I have played one time this year and that will probably do it for the year, even though I might seek out a par 3 somewhere. I do like to buy new clubs from the latest 1-800 deal and should put them to use instead of hanging them in the garage. One of the other things I like about professional golf is that the game is really played in a sportsman like manner and they are real gentlemen during competition. You never see one of them charging into the gallery to fight with the fans, or see them hit someone in the back or neck so hard it paralyzes them, or you never read about the most recent arrest of Tiger, Phil, Zack in a bar room brawl or how many illegitimate babies they have across the USA. They also learn to hit the ball very far off of the tee box with proper equipment and skill, while ultimately getting it in the hole with practice and concentration. No stuffed bats, no steroids, just plain ole hard work and practice, practice. Yes, this is refreshing to me and I commend them. Also, with names like Zach, O'hair, Appleby, Sabbatini, Goosen, Kelly, Rose, how could you go wrong??

Movie reviews: "Perfect Stranger" **, the only thing perfect about his movie is Halle Berrys' breasts, and cleavage(whichever comes first). If you like watching her then rate it *****, but if you want a good movie then this isn't in the category. While it has some intrigue it just doesn't have any substance. While I was distracted by three talking women beside me, and endless cell phone admirers just having to look at their text messages, the movie still didn't do it for me. While Bruce Willis was also in it, his part was useless and meaningless. One thing they did have was fresh popcorn, very good with small coke. The story was about sleazy investigating reporting and its' associated pitfalls. It does have a rather interesting ending, so maybe the bargain price would be worth checking it out. Rated R for sexual content, nudity, some disturbing violent images(blood, stabbing, shooting, etc.) and language(Berry loves the f..k word). "Slow Burn" **, one of those kind of movies that does flash backs to the point that you forget what movie you came to see. I like Ray Liotta, but he is not a leading man the way I see it. He is great in fill in the blank roles, but not the leading guy. This movie goes around in circles with lots of violence, sex, etc. It is about and aspiring district attorney(Liotta) of a major city who wants to move up the political ladder with all kinds of sleaze balls getting in his way. It is rated R for sexuality, violence and language. "Blades of Glory" *, This movie is so stupid I am ashamed to say I saw it. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star as two male figure skating rivals aching to compete again, despite having been banned from the sport for life(actually this resulted from their engaging in a fist fight on the awards stand after they were given tie scores). Their old coach finds a loop hole in the rules that would allow them to compete again as a pairs team. Yep, nothing in the rule books says the "pairs" have to be boy/girl. So, they compete as boy/boy!!! Guess you are really turned on about this plot by now. It is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language, a comic(ridiculous is a better definition) violent image and some drug references.

Current books now reading: "Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People," Elizabeth B. Brown, one of the best I have read relative to the subjects covered. Some chapter headlines, "Put on Your Glasses," "Who is Screwed Up?" "Can Ailing Relationships Make You Sick?", etc. While I bought it at a truck stop, you can get it on Amazon for $10.00. You will enjoy the cover!! "The Secret," Rhonda Byrne, while I am just getting started on it, it is best described as a great resource for self discovery. This was purchased at Barnes and Noble, but I imagine it is on Amazon.

Got to do some training, and then some coaching(actually motivating) of our mayor for his quest in doing the Tri Raider Sprint triathlon on June 24. He is the first Mayor to show any interest in our event over the past 17 years. We appreciate that very much.



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