Sunday, April 15, 2007

Golf part II, Bike ride, Renegades, and Grocery shopping

A couple of things I forgot to mention earlier about watching the pro golf tour players, is their politeness(I think that is a word). When they complete a round of golf with their opponent they do three things, they first take their hat off and acknowledge the gallery, then they shake the hand of their opponent and their caddy. Haven't seen anything like that in pro football, basketball, baseball, or hockey lately. Enough about these nice guys!!!

Even though the Mayor was unable to make our bike ride today we were able to get in a very good 30 mile ride. The weather turned out to be a perfect day, for a perfect ride, with no dogs chasing us or anything negative. There were many riders out today, so we said hello to a bunch of fellow cyclists. Immediately after the ride we decided to use our season tickets to watch the new Arena2 football team, the Lubbock Renegades. The game was very good and I really like to watch this compact version of football. With a 50 yard long x 25 yard wide field, played indoors with eight lightening fast players and it is fun to watch. It also resembles basketball since you are so close to the players. There is not much of a running game, but when they do run and hit each other you get the full sound affect right in you seat. The Renegades lost this game 51-48 and had a chance to win it, but just couldn't muster the points. It will be interesting to watch them again and see how they improve. One thing I did notice is that the cheerleaders were in abundance, at least 20 of them and in very skimpy attire. Fact is, they have so little on they make the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders look like an order of Nuns. I did goof though and didn't take my binoculars, silly me I thought that since the stadium was so small and the field was so close I wouldn't need them. Well I learned my lesson, watching the cheerleaders with the naked eye is not a smart thing and the binocs will be there the next time. I knew I had a good thing going when Marti suggested that their outfits were totaling disgusting. Yea, I agreed, those little tiny bra type tops barely covering some well endowed boobs has to be disgusting. Then the skin tight shorts they had on were equally disgusting, as their tight butt cheeks just had to peek out at the crowd. WOW, so disgusting I am increasing the power on the new binocs I must buy before the next game.

Finally the day ended with a trip to the grocery store. As many of my readers have learned I have embarked on this duty as the sole purchaser of food for the household. However, since Marti and I went to the game together we decided to go by the grocery store on the way back to the canyons. Well I knew I had a little problem here so I decided to do a little confessing before we went into the store. My confession was very straight forward. I confessed that grocery shopping was really my job and I usually prefer to do it alone, plus the fact that there are generally some very good looking women in the store and I do like to observe(some call it gawking or staring with lust, but I like observe better) and I felt that with her being with me it would hinder my observations. She assured me that she knew what I did and how I liked to flirt with the opposite sex. I kind of resented that since flirting seems to be such a childish thing and after all people my age really don't do that type of thing. Regardless, we entered the store with the understanding that we would travel in some what of an independent mode and when I wanted to observe or talk to someone there were would be no problem. Well it turns out that Sunday night seems to be a weird night to shop. I guess all of the good looking, professional, well endowed women of Lubbock have shopped during the week and do not shop on Sunday night. But, what I did notice was an abundance of college age young ladies doing their shopping. The only problem with that was they all had their boy friends with them. Now, for a college age young man to be in the grocery store on Sunday night has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Some day I will write a letter to the editor about it and maybe they will stay home instead of venturing onto my turf. Of course I also realize that observing young college age young ladies puts me in the dirty old man category, which I resent totally. I just like nice scenery as I shop for the nutritious food that gives me energy to still feel the need to observe. Go figure that one!! Well of course we get to the end row at about the same time, put the vanilla in the cart and go to check out. Marti asks, "See anything interesting?" "As a matter a fact I did see some outstanding fresh melons, fresh cherry tomatoes and I can't wait to eat some of that vanilla ice cream when we get home." How was that for a fast recovery?? My conclusion after this little venture was to stick to shopping by myself and that way I can enjoy whatever I happen to observe without be rushed.



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