Friday, July 13, 2007

Dentist visit(ouch!!), Movie reviews

Do not confuse this story with another boring, "my race report story", because that is not what it is all about. This story is much deeper than that and will reveal the rest of the story. First, on May 6, 2007 I competed in the Ransom Canyon Triathlon, felt great and had a very good race. I actually improved my time by two minutes over the previous year, then on June 2 I raced the Milkman Triathlon(easier and shorter venue), felt terrible on the run and thought I was not going to finish. Before the race I had some uneasy feelings and even weird feelings. I wondered is this how you die, you know you feel real weird, look into the heavens and then there you go to the big man in the sky. Well I did finish but with by far the worst time of my many years at this race, and to think this 5K run was getting me down, was a complete downer. While I did get third and a beloved milk bottle, my time was nearly seven minutes slower than the 2nd place finisher, my friendly competitor Joe Howell, so now I got concerned. What the hell has happened to my body in just 4 short weeks? My training and nutrition were the same, I slept well before the event, so what is going on? While I tried to function as usual with work, play, etc., something was just not clicking right. Then my mind starting thinking every bad thing you can think and they were all terminal. Funny how the mind is, the ole saying you are what you eat and think was surely true for me at this time. So, I scheduled doctors appointments to go in and have tests run to see what was clicking in there. Well all of the tests came back very positive and I was fine, but if that was the case then why did I feel so bad. Now I scheduled my annual eye exam and while I was at it I needed to have chipped tooth looked at and oops I forgot, I have had a slight tooth ache for about 4 weeks so maybe I should have that checked. My eyes checked out good, then off to the dentist. He immediately took x-rays of my tooth ache, turned while as he looked at the x-rays, then said, "you have an abscessed tooth here and it must come out NOW, not a few days from now, but NOW"!! Okay I said, grab the pliers and get to work. He also explained that this type of thing would make you feel weird all over and not right for just about anything. Made me feel better already, but I did dread the thought of him pulling that dude out. After he took his position on my chest, looking like a sumo wrestler with a pair of pliers, he went about digging that bad tooth out. After what seemed like hours he got it out, cleaned me up, then sent me home with some anti-biotics and plenty of gauze to stop the bleeding. Now after a few days I already feel better and hope to get back on the steady training program and maybe do another triathlon or two. I'mmmmmm back!!!!!!!!!

Movie reviews: "Knocked Up" ****, the title will turn many off, but this is really an enjoyable movie, with a good story line. Katherine Heigi and Seth Rogen play the lead roles, and while they are actors you remember by face, but not by name, you will like them in these roles. Rate R for sexual content, drug use and language(understated). The story includes an unwanted pregnancy and what they decided to do about it. Good story, happy ending, but some twists along the way.

"Evan Almighty" ****, excellent movie with Morgan Freeman(as God), and Steve Carrell(a modern day Noah as appointed by God(Morgan Freeman). This movie is very entertaining, well done, and has a very good story line. No one is offended in this movie. Morgan Freeman plays a great God and has my votes for this part. Carrell plays the part of Evan Baxter, a television newscaster, newly elected to Congress, but then called by God to build an ark(after he takes office in Congress). Go see this, it is enjoyable.

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