Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wal Mart visit, Movie review

Retail service people or clerks as I use to know them before they became customer service associates really need some lessons in how to take care of their consumers. This morning I went into the local Wal Mart and I knew what I was going to buy, but had a few questions. When I approached the guy who was supposed to know it all I noticed an arrogant air about him that started to piss me off. It really wasn't the rings in the nose and ears, or the extreme body art, but just the way he had his sleeves rolled up and the cocky way he was sitting on the counter with the attitude, "look at me dude I am the man with the plan for the aisle 8 air compressors." So I started asking some questions and he started taking deep sighs wondering if his next break was going to happen just a few minutes sooner. After he half hearted answered my questions I then said I needed a dolly to take it to my pickup. He then replied that he didn't have a dolly but they could get it to my pickup anyway, so I said, "really I don't care how it gets there, just so it gets there after I pay for it." So, purchase made I embark on getting it loaded. Now of course I have to go to another guy to get it loaded, but since he was a notch below the pierced guy I had some more common ground. We ended up working together to get it loaded and I was on my way. Now, I know for sure that the buoys at IrongirlTexas will be blown up by the Wal Mart compressor and we will live happily ever after. Sam Walton built that empire on friendly and courteous service and lower prices. Guess he is rolling in his grave today, since that isn't happening today. They also eliminated the friendly greeters when you enter the store. This kind of disturbs me since I thought once I got a little older I could put on one of those blue vests and be a greeter, even though I am really not the greeter type. I am really more the bouncer type, so maybe I can get a job as a bouncer at the my favorite two step place, "The Sting." One can only wish!!

Movie review: "You Kill Me" ****, very good movie about an alcoholic hit man, played by Kingsley(can't remember his first name), who is a very good actor. the supporting actors do a great job also. This has all the ingredients of an entertaining movie, with a very good story line. Go see, you will not regret it!!

Off to Big D for Irongirl Texas this weekend,



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