Friday, July 13, 2007

Book reviews

Well I had a few books I wanted to pass on to my faithful and loyal readers that I think would be of interest. I got so carried away with the dentist visit I forgot to put them on the earlier post. Here goes: "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?"--Lee Iacocca, great reading, I am half way through it and started it yesterday. A tremendous book about the current state of our country and the leadership(or lack there of) of the same. Iacocca is one of my favorite people and is one guy I would love to meet in person. He is 83 and going strong, what an example! His 9 C's of leadership are the best I have seen. He says he didn't offer ten C's because someone might accuse him of playing Moses. MUST READ!! Next on list: "Hate Mail From Cheerleaders and Other Adventures From The Life of Reilly"--I love this guys' style of writing and can't wait to read this book. Reading his stuff is an adventure and done with a great sense of humor. His back page articles in Sports Illustrated are great. "Reposition Yourself--Living Life Without Limits", T.D. Jakes, picked this one up and gazed at it enough to know I am going to like it. On going reading: The American Presidents-7 different resources, The Secret-Rhona Byrne.

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