Saturday, February 28, 2009

Abundance(over done), Movie Reviews

Abundance is simply defined as, "more than is needed." Now that means more than is needed to accomplish something or anything, display something, carry out something, play something, write about something, accumulate something, say something, show photos of something, or just whatever in the world one might what to do. As a person who has been around for a few years I have proclaimed that this world is now made up of an OVER abundance of just about anything you might imagine, and way more than we need in most instances. What has really prompted me to bring this to light came after going through some of the current AOL news(which we have way too much of and is definitely in OVER abundance) and found some interesting photos of the First Families two daughters. The event that was being photographed certainly was not something that will go down in the history books or is even really noteworthy; however, the media has become so obsessed with every move the Big O family does we are now being inundated with an OVER abundance of subjects about them that seems to being very useless to me. The photos I am referring to today concern photos taken a few days ago concerning the two Big O children being flown across town from their school to their new digs at the White House, the multi-million dollar Helicopter One. Now it is bad enough that we have to spend millions to taxi these little darlings across town, but then the media actually took over 500 photos(that was just on AOL, so who knows how many actual photos were taken that day) of this event, I went through about 15 of them and they were actually many of them that looked like they had stepped off of the copter, had their photos made, then moved another two steps and had their photo made again. Since this went on and on I just figured I had seen enough after 15 and discontinued my viewing. Now I know the magic of the new president is of interest to the country, but more importantly I think more time should be spent on real news and leave the first family with a little privacy. Isn't it enough that we go into grocery stores to shop and every magazine on the racks have the Big O and wife on the covers and every where you look there are t-shirts, baseball hats, etc., with him image on it. Kind of like big brother is watching, or maybe even the main character from the popular "Left Behind" series. While I know that this is an OVER abundance of the media in action and not the fault of Big O I really wish we could get back to some kind of normal and let the new president do his job on fixing the things that need fixing. Lord knows that since the election he has reminded us of how bad it is and how bad the previous administration left us, so I know he has plenty to do. While I see OVER abundance in just about every area of life in these United States what I see the in the professional sports world, and in some cases the college athletic world is enough to make you want to puke, and then continue to drive heave until you faint. JJ builds a $1.1 billion football stadium for his Dallas Cowboys to play in when they still had a real nice stadium, then he spends millions on criminals to play for him and to add insult to injury he actually has to hire full time baby sitters for the criminals(football players) to keep them out of trouble and on the field. Then the criminals go out partying and get in a fight with THEIR baby sitters, and end up in suspension. Now is this an example of OVER abundance or what? What they don't have is an OVER abundance of winning and going into the playoffs, maybe that comes after the next San Quentin class is signed for the coming year. Another event that reeked in OVER abundance was the half time show at the Super Bowl, "The Boss(Springsteen)" was hired to do the 12 minute half time show and did one helluva great job. But, was it really worth a $1 million that he charges for such concerts? What ever happened to the marching bands and beautiful baton twirlers? Why not just use the Cowboy cheerleaders who are blessed with great bodies and good looks, not to mention their obvious, OVER abundant cleavage. Give me football on the grass and great half time marching bands, that is football!! In college football with also have some extreme examples of OVER abundance, like the most recent drama in Lubbock concerning the extended contract of the head football coach at Texas Tech. Mike Leach has been at Raiderland for nine years now and has done a very good job of building the football program and has won a few games(average of about 8 wins per year, no Big 12 Title, no Big 12 South title and no National title, but (1) ONE really big year in 2008 even though they lost in the Cotton Bowl, again) while doing it. Mostly though his teams have led the nation in individual categories that are related to his well executed wide open passing game. He has also won over a lot of fans in this area with his eccentrics, etc. While he still had two years left on his contact of $2 million a year and some incentives, he wanted a new 5 year extension with more money. So much more that it would have put him in the same income category as some of the National Champion winners, i.e. Stoops at U of Oklahoma, and Brown at The U of Texas. While his team did very good in 08, it was not that good. So, after all kinds of media drama(OVER abundance) for about a month there were some compromises made, Coach Leach got a nice raise, an extension of his contract for five years, some new incentives and so now all the fans of Lubbock are mighty happy with this OVER abundance of a college coaches income. While I realize that the current major college football programs are multi-million dollar endeavors it just seems to be a prime example of abundance. The team of 2008 is to be commended for their winning ways and for all of the publicity that they brought the Raiders and Lubbock. Here is hoping that they don't come in with a 6-6 team in 09, and are invited to the Non-Significant bowl(all teams with any kind of 50-50 record or better get to go to bowl games now, since there are 32 of them), and lose. Whoops, can't believe I said that!! On the other hand they could win the Big Championship and go to the National Championship BCS bowl and win it all. Go Raiders, Guns Up, Gig those aggies, romp over those Longhorns, bring those Baptists to repentance , tame those Tigers and Wildcats in Missouri and Kansas, and smear me some Jayhawks all over the artificial grass, !!! Let's win in OVER abundance in 09!!!

Movie Review: "The International", ***, Clive Owens carries this movie of international intrigue, concerning the crooked owners of an international bank and his quest as an Interpol agent to put them out of business and in the local jail for the rest of their natural lives. It has one of the most outstanding shootouts you will see in a movie that happens inside an excellent reproduction of Manhattan's Guggenheim Museum. Owens is totally intense and dedicated to getting the bad guys, he doesn't take time out for any sex, drinking or anything that would prevent him from achieving his goal of taking the bad guys down. Rated R-for some sequences of violence(understated), and language(couldn't hear the bad language for the extreme violence).

"Paul Blart: Mall Cop", **, Okay I know I am scraping at the bottom of the barrel since I haven't been to more movies in the past few weeks, but I like Kevin James. He is really a good actor but sometimes just gets caught in these kind of movies. He is literally a 10 year veteran mall security guard that has flunked out of the state police academy a few times, but he takes his job very seriously. When some real crooks take over the mall while carrying out this cool scheme to rob some of the major stores. Now the James character has the opportunity to become the hero and save the day. While this is not a heavy weight movie of any kind it is worthy of the matinee price tag. Rated PG-for some violence, mild crude and suggestive humor, and language.

"Slumdog Millionaire", **, This movie won 6 academy awards of one kind of another, including Best Film of 2008, I just don't agree. Okay it was brought in on a $12 million budget and had a unique idea, it just wasn't that good in my mind and even boring. When considering all of the other real good movies that it beat out, being Best Film just didn't register with me. This movie is about a lowly, slum dwelling type kid who gets on the "Slumdog Millionaire" television show and has a chance to win a million dollars. As he is ask each question there is a flash back to his surroundings and then he answers the questions. While it is all filmed in India I guess that was supposed to make it cute or something. The closing scenes feature a musical re-gathering of the entire cast in a true Bollywood fashion. Parts of the film are in Hindi with English subtitles. Rated R for some violence, disturbing images and language.



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