Sunday, February 08, 2009

JD's Revisited, Big O Doesn't Salute, Movie Reviews

It seemed like it had been forever since I had made the short trip through the canyons, foothills, cactus, snakes, empty beer cans and deer to partake of some friendly atmosphere of the infamous JD's Bar and Grill. Let me remind you that this is truly a sleazy, smoked filled bar that is only good for a few things, i.e. drinking beer and eating the best burgers this side of the Mississippi. The clientele would be the biker folks that ride down to partake, and the locals who come in to swap lies about lack of rain, the price of oil dropping, their latest divorce, riding horses and branding cows, and who is screwing who in town. Not a real shady bunch but they do have their priorities. What I found today was a little different than my trips before, oh yea they did have some cold Coors Light draft handy and the burgers were waiting to be cooked, but I noticed that JD was back at the bar in his familiar seat(right in the middle of the bar). This kind of took me by surprise since the rumor was that he had taken to drinking so much he couldn't even come to the bar anymore, just stayed home and drank according to the stories. But there he was in all his glory and when I took note of what he was drinking it looked like he was drinking some Sprite without the customary Crowne Royale. Not wanting to ask him the real story or butt into his business I continued to nurse my beer and speculate that he had been successful in his re-hab and was back at the bar not to drink, but to watch over his business. Then this smaller bottle of Crowne appeared by his Sprite and then it found its' way into the glass. What I gathered was that during re-hab he was introduced to the smaller bottle meaning he would consume less of the hard stuff. What I can say is that he looked healthy while chain smoking and sipping the Crowne and Sprite. O thank heaven for re-hab!! The other notable difference I noticed was a big jar on the bar with a picture of a guy who had just died and the family needed contributions from the local patrons to pay for his funeral. The bar maid told me that ole Paps, who used to sit at the end of he bar, had died a week ago from a stroke and the family couldn't pay for the funeral. In addition to the jar there was a white cowboy straw hat sitting on top of it with some messages written on it from the local patrons, like, "A Paps we miss you", "Can you see my cleavage, Flo?"(Flo happened to be there and she was blessed with lots of the c stuff), "Paps the horses miss you," "The end of the bar will never be the same without you Paps," and on and on. While I did drop a Lincoln into the pot I didn't write anything on the hat. Since I really didn't know this guy I thought his family would enjoy a $5 spot better than some stupid, "We're thinking of you Paps," type thing. The good news about JD's is there is always a story. I have met some locals who say they wouldn't go in that place with a shotgun to their head, but I have found it to be a great getaway from the big city folks of Lubbock. After all how many places can you go to that has a bullet hole in the main window and they don't plan on fixing it any time soon. The good news about the bullet hole is that some of the smoke escapes out of the building and we can breath easier. Another good thing is that they never forget you, no matter how long you are gone, so you always have a place to go to be appreciated. When I walked in the bar maid said, "Well where have you been?" It kind of surprised me since I really didn't know anyone would miss me, but then I replied that I had been traveling, just not to Post, Texas. Since I hadn't noticed her there the previous time I was there I countered back with, "Well where have you been?" Turns out she had been taking care of her sick brother in Cisco, Texas so she hadn't been around for about 6 months. This is the same lady who told me that she tried to move away from Post(population 2,000) one time(about 200 miles away) and just couldn't stand being away from it. But, she returned and does a great job keeping us weary Hog riders full of beverage and burgers. O thank heaven for JD's, a legend in the oil and cattle country.

On the ride back my mind raced through a bunch of conclusions concerning riding a motorcycle(especially if it is black, big, loud, and has lots of chrome on it). When you ride down the city streets of anywhere USA men will turn their heads and look at the machine with more lust than they would for a woman with 36D cup breasts, tiny waist, and great legs. I have also noticed that women look with the same passion and lust, but they seem to be looking at something a little different, like maybe tight jeans, lots of leather, and okay throw in the loud pipes, but with definitely a little different priority. Regardless, I love riding the Hog and have found that it has some similar comparisons to sex. You can go just so long without riding and then you have to ride, duh!! See what I mean?

Well the Big O is really making some changes, even though some of the changes are typically political and status quo. This past week a couple of things caught my attention, and they are very trivial, in that he has relaxed the dress code in the White House and allows the worker bees to take their coats off during working hours, but they still have to wear their ties. In the w. years this was never the case, always coat and tie. Also this past week he took his first trip on the helicopter which took him to Air Force One for a meeting somewhere. It is a custom for there to be a military guard at the steps of the helicopter and they salute the President as he walks up, and since he is the commander in chief he normally salutes back; however, Big O decided to wave and shake hands with the guard. It startled him completely and he didn't know exactly what to do. To me this was sort of an insult to our armed forces since the salute is the proper custom used in a greeting. So, we had the w. for 8 years trying to look real military in his flying apparel, saying "mission accomplished" to the Big O who doesn't have a clue about the military that he is the commander in chief of. Hey forget the traveling and let's get the financial affairs of this country going big time!!

Movie Reviews: "Taken", ****, When his estranged daughter is kidnapped on the very first day of her vacation in Paris, a former spy, played by Liam Neeson, travels overseas, determined to find her at any cost. This just tells part of the story since it is a very graphic movie about the abduction of beautiful young women, 17-25 year of age who are first drugged, then sold into prostitution with no hope of return. Some are sold for as much as $500,000.00 to rich oil Sheiks. Neeson does a great job in playing the concerned father, but also the very professional ex-spy. With his former spy partners he is able to put together the information needed to pursue the rescue of his daughter and only has 96 hours to do it, or she will be lost for good. Rate PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, disturbing thematic material, sexual content, some drug references and language(all of this description is understated).

"New In Town", ***, Renee Zellweger stars as an ambitious businesswoman climbing a corporate ladder in Miami. When given a temporary assignment in what she considers to be the middle of nowhere, she jumps at the opportunity to pursue a big promotion. Turns out the middle of no where is in very cold and snowy, Minnesota. In addition to the cold she meets resistance from the locals and a sagging business. But, then lo and behold love takes over. She meets the man of her dreams and the local union representative for the plant she manages, played by Harry Connick Jr. J.K. Simmons and Frances Conroy co-star. While I only gave it a three star, I would recommend this as an entertaining movie and a feel good movie. Go see it is worth the price of prime time admission. Rated PG for language and some suggestive material.



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