Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Kill, EI, Cell Phones Don't Float, Movie Review

In doing a little research for this blog I thought I might refresh myself on the natural senses that humans are blessed with. Then to my surprise while I have always thought we only had five senses it turns out we really have eleven. Of course our modern time has to add something to the mix and having just five senses over the many years I have been in this world seems to be just fine with me. But, now I learn that the psychologists, scientists, medical profession, etc., have added some to the basic five. Possibly I will cover the new ones in another blog, but right now I have to stand pat on the current subject of “odors.” What prompted me to get into this subject were the many natural scents (or maybe odors) that I noticed while on a 45 mile bicycle ride on Saturday. It seemed as though the road kill was particularly bad and the recent moisture in the cotton fields presented me with many scents, or odors to choose from. So, my mind being what my mind does best, I started putting words and thoughts to the scents and comparing one to another. The three odors that kept coming back to me on this real country ride was that of domestic animal manure and my findings were really enlightening. For example, did you know that cow, horse and pig manure all have a very distinct difference in scent than one another? I can ride through the canyons and identify the odors my nose picks up as cow, horse or pig. Of the three I really like the horse manure better, and find the pig manure to be really offensive. There is something about the horse manure that has a really healthy scent and enables a person to respect them a little more. In the case of cows they just eat whatever is around, plus chew their cud, then lay out the cow patty that nearly makes a perfect circle and is a work of art. I have never been in a cow patty throwing contest, but they are popular around the cowboy community. Possibly this would be the next competition between the USA Triathlon Board and Staff, one never knows! Also on this ride was a bunch (flock, herd, mess, or whatever) of wild turkey’s but I was not close enough to them for a long period of time to catch their manure scent. If I had to guess on this I would figure the scent is like a bunch of chickens, which are as offensive as the pigs. Then there is always the scent of road kill that has been laying out on the road way too many days. One particularly dead skunk had been out way too many days and was lying in the shoulder of the road as I passed by. Now as we all know skunks are known for their natural odor that is emitted from their body when they are frightened so they spew this disgusting odor out to the world so everyone will leave them alone. To the best of my knowledge it really works, but I have found that their real odor comes forth when they have been laying dead on the should of the road for at least 4 days and the vultures have been serving themselves with gourmet skunk meat. I saw their rib cages, and miscellaneous other body parts all shredded by the vultures and the odor just about frizzled my nose hairs to the point of real disgust. But I did pick up the pace to get by this and held my breath in the interim. Being in an agriculture community I have the opportunity to really experience difference scents and it sure exercises my sense of smell. Now I will go after some activity that will exercise my other senses, and when I get to be a grown up I will add the other six senses that I didn’t know were in existence until today. My point would be to always be aware of what is going on out there in this weird world, or maybe just simply, LIVE AND LEARN!!

Speaking of living and learning I will be starting a new course tomorrow to study and become certified in the new progress field of Emotional Intelligence. This expertise will be added to my Life Coaching practice and I am really looking forward to it. This is the study of the individual emotions as they respond to the emotions we experience from other people. It became a real field of study and concern in the early 90’s but is now surfacing as a real measuring stick to help people or groups achieve what they want to achieve, after they understand the emotions around them. Statistics done on this up to now show that after effective EI evaluation (it is measured by an EI assessment measurement that is unique to the subject). For years Intelligence Quotient(IQ) has been a big measuring stick as to how people might achieve success, etc., but it was found that having a large IQ was really not the key to achievement success and if the high IQ person did not “get it” when it came to what was around them emotionally they generally failed. This will be some interesting stuff.

Cell phones don’t float!! Well just when I thought I had seen it all I dropped by cell phone into the commode and it sunk!! Yep, I took that little dude with me on a solo ride and tucked it under my biking pants and when I finished the ride and then went to the rest room I forgot about the phone and it decided to make a swan dive into the commode(thankfully there was just clear, clean water in it). I immediately reached in and pulled it out trying to give it some kind of life saving actions, but no matter what I did it just doesn’t work any more. I dried it out real good but I guess it just stayed submerged too long (only a matter of seconds actually). Now I get to stand in line while I get it exchanged and wait for it to be shipped to me (why don’t these multi-location, million dollar companies have inventories any more??) (Another blog topic for the future). But, I guess that what I learned is that I really have only needed the cell phone one time while being on a ride(for the past 25 years) and that was when a dog decided to take a plug of fresh human meat(he liked the scent I guess) out of my left calf muscle. Since it was bleeding beyond belief I decided I needed to make a call to get some help getting back into town and to the ER. In lieu of that I borrowed a phone from the not (he claimed it was not his dog, likely story since it came running out from under his house) owner of the guilty dog. What I learned is that I can carry it again with me, but I just need to remember where it is being carried and remove it before going to the rest room!! DUH, live and learn again!!

Movie Review: “Terminator Salvation”, ***, It is the year 2018(not too far away folks) and no one is really having any fun any more, simply because this giant army of human terminators (it is confusing to me what these bad mechanical things hate humans since they are the people who created them, oops must be a human mind behind all of this) and killing or capturing all of the left over humans. This is one action packed movie with very little human emotion and they sure are not having fun. These dudes make Arnold look like Daisy Mae. While small groups of human survivors have organized into a resistance, hiding in underground bunkers and led by John Connor (portrayed by Christian Bale) it just seem like they will have a chance to survive. But they do make enough progress to merit a sequel for sometime in the immediate future. Also, the likeness of Arnold does make a brief appearance and the honorable Governor of California is doing the nude thing with a very much computer enhanced body. Go see if you really like to see constant mechanical creatures killing, and controlling humans. For myself I would just like to pull their plug and walk off into the sunset. Between Star Trek, Terminator, Wolverine, I am ready for some more Mall Cop stuff. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence (understatement) action, and language



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