Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buffman & Squeaky, Collegiate Nationals, Movie Review

Dogs are funny creatures, and provide some great companionship. President Truman said one time that if you wanted a friend in Washington you should buy a dog. Of course his meaning was twofold in that Washington was not a very friendly place and you couldn't trust anyone, so get a dog. Dogs are very trustworthy and no matter what they will be your friend. When it comes to Buffman & Squeaky they are always happy to see me come home, no matter if I just leave for a hour or so they always run to the door barking and jumping up and down to greet me like it has been days. If they had a tail they would surely be wagging it, but Boston's have this little twist of a tail that just doesn't have any waggle in it. The same holds true when I open the door from their room early in the morning. While Squeaky is not really excited about getting up early, Buffman is ready and eager to get the day going. Now that we are getting close to the infamous Buffman & Squeaky triathlon Buffman is getting that look in his eye that something special is close to happening. On the other hand Squeaky has a tendency to have a "I couldn't care less attitude." Must be the female in her or something. On race morning they always like to be there to greet the athletes and give them a big lick or sniff. One year Buffman even took the liberty to heist his leg on the USAT race official, wow, what an attitude man's best friend has sometimes. The athletes like having their picture made with these two characters and they like being petted.
One thing I do know is that they will be well rested since they sleep a lot, fact is all dogs that I know of sleep a lot. I wonder at times just how they do this and why they need to sleep so much, but on the other hand what else would they do. They can't hold down jobs(even though some do as security or seeing eye dogs), they can't go to school, they can't do yard work or even swim, bike and run, so why not sleep. Now I get it, resting up for the return of their worthy owners. Buffman has many different positions that he can really cut the zzzz's in, but the classic is the on his back with his legs in a half fold, his mouth open and his eyes shut and his head hanging over to the left or right. Wish I could sleep that sound!! Hope to see everyone at the race, May 17, 2009.

The USAT National Collegiate Triathlon was held this weekend in Lubbock and it was a real busy time, and a challenge to all concerned. The weather played April tricks on us and presented us with a real storm on Wednesday before the race. Huge rain fall, hail, wind and everything that goes with these storm gems. But on race day the weather was clear with a crisp temperature of 38 degrees, and 53.1 degree water temp. Over 100 schools were present and competing from across the USA and it was a great day for Lubbock and the athletes. We thank all of those who helped and for the hard work and support USA Triathlon provided to the event. One of my fellow board members, Eric Averill from New England, was here to volunteer for the event and do some USAT business. Also, many of our local friends, both triathlete friends and people outside the sport were volunteering. We appreciate all of the support that Lubbock gave to this event and look forward to 2010.

Movie Review: "Observe and Report," *, How could we be so lucky as to have two mall cop movies in the same year, or better still in the same century? Seth Rogen, a very funny guy and good actor, plays the head mall cop that is obsessed with the jewelry counter blonde and wanting to be a real police officer. The story is typical, the language is worse than ever, and the story generally sucks. Not worth seeing for the Senior rate or matinee price. I went because this was the only movie starting at the time I had for a movie, and to be in a movie house after a very long weekend. Rated R for pervasive language(understatement), graphic nudity(you mean two sex scenes, one in the back seat of an auto and one in bed and a male streaker running through the mall with a complete frontal nudity), drug use(you mean pot, cocaine, and whatever else is possible), sexual content(see graphic nudity), and violence(again understated).



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