Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs, USAT Collegiate Nationals, Movie Review

A few weeks ago I wrote about the over abundance of just about everything in the United States, and now I am at it again. Now the thing that still bugs me is the over abundance of Holidays. Seems as though not a Friday or Monday goes by that we don't have some kind of Holiday. To put it in world perspective the USA now has 39 official Holidays, Germany has 18 and Australia is winning my heart with 9. Seems as though any time some one dies or gets elected to something we create any other holiday. I am sure that before long we will have a Big O Holiday for the first Black American(even though he is also half-white, but never mentioned, so then we can have another holiday for our first elected half white president) to be elected as the President of the United States, or better than that we can have a day set aside for the wearing of sleeveless dresses by the First Lady or then maybe when they name their First dog it will become some kind of "be kind to first dogs" holiday, or maybe we will want to commensurate the day that the new socialist President of the USA decided to fire a CEO of a private company, and on and on. But, now I guess what really brought my attention to this stupidity in the USA would be the way Easter(supposedly set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Christ--defined in Webster as a, "Christian day of festival) is now used as an excuse to have a massive Easter egg hunt. The custom now in Lubbock is to hire a very expensive helicopter, load it up with 50,000 plastic eggs and then drop them off into a city park and then let 15,000 kids create a near riot to see how many they can pick up for their little cute baskets. This year the big hunt became actual chaos since many of the little sweeties got so fired up to find the most eggs that they got lost from their parents. So, then the mothers of these little darlings got up tight because little Suzy or Johnny got separated from them and it became a very stressful event. So, where did this brilliant idea come from to take a totally sacred Christian celebration into a near riot, just to hunt some useless pieces of plastic that you can't eat, can't cook, can't peel, or anything really useful with? Beats the hell out of me. At least if you are hunting real eggs you can eat them, or throw them at someone. If they are boiled they can be peeled and eaten right on the spot, or if not they can be fried over an open fire right before your eyes in the park(after you find the lost kids). My best guess is that one year there was an over abundance of chicken, turkey, pheasant, quail, dove, ostrich, and similar eggs so to keep the little darlings of the household busy someone inspired mother started hiding them for the kids to search out. Then this same mothers saw this little white bunny running around the yard and then they exclaimed, "oh the Easter bunny is in our back yard, let's have a Easter egg hunt along with the resurrection celebration of Christ. Wow, what a deal, this makes all the sense in the world. So, now you have it folks, how the Easter bunny came into existence and how this became part of one of the 39 holidays in the USA Disclaimer: My guess is as good as yours!!

On April 18th the USA Triathlon National Collegiate National Championship will be held in Lubbock, Texas at Buffalo Springs Lake. Right now there are 104 colleges coming to compete in this team event. Last year the U of California-San Diego women's team won, and for the men, the U of California--Berkeley won. They will be in Lubbock to defend their crown. We are glad they are all coming and we will be cheering for our own Texas Tech Red Raider Triathlon Team to take home some bacon. The three military academies will also be here to try and un-seat the California dudes, look like it is going to be quite a battle. Also represented by the nerds of the East will be MIT, wonder if they have invented some kind of super aero dynamic swim suit, bike and running shorts to speed them through the event. Let's all be there to see for ourselves. It will be a great weekend.

Movie Review: "Fast & Furious", *, Vin Diesel should be ashamed of himself for this very bad movie. Beyond bad is really a modest description. It got one star because there is nothing really lower. No narrative can really tell you how bad this movie is, and the story is totally stupid. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sexual content, language and drug references.



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