Sunday, May 24, 2009

Illegal Immigrants(again), B & S Triathlon, Movie Reviews

Here we go again with the local (Ransom Canyon) illegal immigrant problem that I mentioned some time back. It seems as though the Canadian geese fly down for the winter to rest their feathered butts on our little lake. It seems strange that they would fly all this way just to float around on a little lake but they do, by the thousands actually. There habits are fairly predictable, they fly in honking all the way, land on the lake, take a short break and then fly out for the feeding. They find the food very plentiful in this part of the country, with seed crops plentiful with an endless offering of food. Kind of like going to endless buffet lines at the local fattening food restaurant and scarfing down all kinds of food for very little money. So our little fine feathered friends from the North come to town every year and enjoy our hospitality and food, then they leave behind some of their friends and ducklings. That is what I am concerned about since I have labeled them illegal immigrants and the Mr. Big O is apparently not too concerned about them. He probably doesn’t give a hang since it does not take billions to correct and he is into giving away billions (another story for another blog). I noticed the other day when I was driving out that there was this big only mother hen with 7 new off spring just strutting her stuff right down the middle of the road. Of course the little geese were strutting along right with her, not having a care in the world. The weird thing is all of the other thousands of geese have high tailed it and have honked their way all the way back to the beautiful land of the North. Now the 1,000 citizens of Ransom Canyon are left holding the bag in having to make sure these little newbies are cared for, educated, provided with health care, have a place to hang out, and don’t get in harms way of the steady flow of traffic or maybe even a hunter. While I kind of like their looks and demeanor, I don’t like their waste droppings that are the size of a grown Great Dane and left where ever they have the urge. But I guess that is to be expected when they really don’t have a home they can call a home and they just live off of the land. So, the land becomes their place to do what they do all day long and we as citizens of RC must endure. I have considered running for the City Counsel of RC so I can offer some political concern to this matter, but have decided I am on enough boards and I will just enjoy the beauty of these creatures of nature, plus I can stay in harmony with the new movie, “Earth”(to be reviewed later in this blog). My other question about this whole matter is why do these guys and gals chose to stay here rather than fly back to the North Country? While I see why their like it here, it just seems that they would want to go back as soon as the winter season is over. Of course we do have higher land values than some communities our size and the property taxes are lower, plus the scenery in the canyons are beyond reproach, then the Christmas times with all of the lights in the canyon makes for a neat place. Now I get it, Mr. and Mrs. Geese, you have found a little paradise so why not stay, but I do request that you make the effort to receive your papers or at least a green card. Then I can get off of this subject!!

Last weekend we put on the Buffman & Squeaky Triathlon, named after our two Boston Terriers. They are funny characters and fit well within the canyon community and the triathlon scene. Being somewhat narcisstic themselves they do identify with the athletes very well. During the pre-race time they enjoyed seeing and greeting the over 200 entrants in the race and they athletes enjoyed them also. Buffman has the look about him that just commands attention and Squeaky is just kind of out it most of the time. They looked, sniffed, peed and basically left their mark through out the race course and declared it ready to go and wished the athletes well. The event went off great with wonderful weather, and a very competitive field. We wish to thank all of our friends that were here for the event and look forward to the Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and the Tri Raider June 28th.

Movie Reviews: “Angels & Demons”, ****, finally I get to totally disagree with my local critic. His review and rating was like he saw a movie I didn’t see. But, I really liked this movie and thought it was really well done. I did agree with my local guy with the assessment that the scenery in Vatican City made me want to take a vacation there at some point. The photography of the Sistine Chapel to the famed, off-limits Vatican Archives was excellent. In this rendition Angels and Demons, written by novelist Dan Brown, is a prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” offering his first introduction to Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon, portrayed by Tom Hanks. The movie does treat the plot as a sequel, which allows the Vatican’s Swiss Guard to be less than pleased with Langdon, thanks to his prior visit. So, this is part of the sub-plot which again I thought was great. The movie involves a scientific break through, century’s old negative history of the Catholic Church, intrigue, action, and a great story line. Like the “Da Vinci Code” the story only involves about five hours of real time. So, there is no time for food, drink, love scenes, change of clothes, etc. The big plot is the century old Illuminati organization, which are enemies of the Catholic Church and they want to destroy the Church. Hanks does a great job carrying the movie and is in every scene. Of course the scientist is a good looking woman played by Ayelet Zurer; I can’t remember seeing in any other movie. But there is not time for fooling around by Hanks and Zurer, it is all business. Go see, great movie!! Rated: PG-13 for sequences of violence disturbing images and thematic material.

“Earth”, ****, Great Disney movie with cinematography that will make your jaws drop. There is a great story line concerning the migration of an elephant herd, a mother bear and her cubs, and a giant whale and her off spring. A very restful informative movie. A must go see!! Rated G-enough said.

“The Soloist,” ****, A very well done movie but a very depressing movie, even though it had a reasonably positive ending. But, it is a true story of a child musical prodigy who succumbs to schizophrenia and the LA Times reporter that discovers him living in a group of 90,000 homeless people in Los Angeles. Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. play the leads and do an excellent job. At times you wonder who is mentally ill, the reporter (Downey) or the obvious schizo (Foxx). But, since it was based on a true story you kind of give it some slack. I recommend it with the disclaimer that watching the homeless in LA and seeing how the mentally ill deal with their problems is not a real grin. Beware!! Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, some drug use and language.

“Star Trek,” ***, Since I have never been a Trekie (hope that is spelled right) I really only went so that I could rate it properly. Very much an action movie but also another prequel with sass and a lyrical treatment of iconic characters. It spends time introducing us to the original key characters and where they came friend and then ventures on into the new horizons. It is a well done movie and will be enjoyed by most. Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence, and brief sexual content (must have been while I took a brief nap, I don’t remember this).



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