Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MLM Success at Last, Movie Reviews

Multi Level Marketing or MLM as it is called, has never been one of my bags. After experimenting with probably a 100 of them over the years I have never made a thin dime out of them. Whether they be the latest vitamin, candy, energy booster, weight loss gimmick, erectile dysfunction solution, hair restorer, or like the latest one I was recently suckered into which I never figured out what the product was, they just don’t work for me. The whole idea in MLM is to multiply yourself with other people and while they make money you make money.

But I have found one area of life that has a scent of MLM that I have been very successful in, multiplying people. This past week my son and his family were making their pass through Texas in route to their new duty station for the USA State Department in the beautiful land of Switzerland. Since this is not a common thing that just happens every other weekend the siblings decided we all needed to get together for dinner. So, as I sat on the end of the table(this is reserved for the oldest and the one who is picking up the tab) and gazed down the table I saw MLM in flesh and blood. There were my children, who had their children, then their one child had their child. So, we had children, grand children, and one great grand child. The total at the table was 13 and not all of them were there. So, bottom line here is: I am one successful MLM guy and it was fun to see them all enjoying themselves!! Makes me proud!!

Movie Review: “Friends and Benefits”, **, A young New York City female headhunter(played by Mila Dunis) convinces a potential recruit(Justin Timberlake) to leave his job in San Francisco and join the company she is recruiting for. After settling in they both decide they are lonely for the opposite sex and make a deal to have sex without commitment, feelings, etc. While the sex scenes are hot and soft porn, the arrangement between the two goes South. Very predictable ending and really not a very good movie. I would recommend matinee only pricing and make sure the popcorn is fresh. Rated R for sexual content(soft porn) and language.

“Zookeeper”, **, Kevin James plays the ultimate zookeeper, but also wants the ultimate woman. He finds that women are turned off by his profession even though he loves it. He does have a blonde hottie who tries to change him to something he is not, and of course there is the other woman who wants him like his is. Then the animals start talking to him and want him to stay with them. Some funny scenes but a very predictable ending. The closing credits are the best part of the movie, so if you happen to venture into this movie for matinee prices, please stay for this. Rated PG for some rude and suggestive humor, and language.

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