Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mission Accomplished, Movie Review

This will be the last mention of the “crash” and subsequent 100% recovery and how good it really feels. When I was laying in the emergency room(for 7.5 hours), twiddling my thumbs, my thought processes shifted over to how I could have avoided this painful ordeal and what I was going to do to speed up recovery. So, as soon as I could I pulled out my schedule of races and decided that I would do a sprint triathlon immediately after the 8 week recovery had set with the sun in the West. The Midland Tall City was exactly 9 weeks after the “crash” so I had a week to spare. I knew this race well and the venue was perfect for me to go after. A really flat(pun intended) pool swim, a really flat bicycle ride(possibly a SW wind, with some mesquite bushes blowing across the rode and some infamous Permian Basin road kill) and then a 3 loop run course, flat as a pancake. The temperature for the day hit over 98 but was not bad for the early morning hour start time. Bottom line, I got two victories. One, my one worthy opponent in my age group had back problems so dropped out, two, my protein super charged body moved around the course 2 minutes faster than last year. There was no pain other than that feel good pain of doing endurance events and then feeling the finish line tape. It was great to be back and then the next day was spent in lovely Odessa, TX(the oil field workers own city) and completed another sprint tri for the second in two days. What a great weekend and it feels good, to feel good!!

Movie Review: “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, ***A 40-something, straight-laced Cal(played by Steve Carrell) is living the dream; good job, nice house, great kids and married to his high school sweetheart. But when Cal learns that his wife Emily(Julianne Moore) has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his perfect life unravels. The story really gets good as we see Cal develop into a ladies man and his teacher along the way will turn out to be his future son-in-law, played by Ryan Gosling. There are some other interesting stories and scenes with his 13 year old son, and their 17 year old baby sitter. Well done movie but not an awards type movie. Enjoyable but has some good thought provokers in it. Rated PB-13 for corse humor, sexual content and language.

EA, SH.......:),



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