Monday, July 04, 2011

Psychic Income

It seems like a century has passed since I last posted and the fact is lots of stuff has happened and passed since my last post on June 18. The 22nd running of the infamous Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 has come and gone. All of the planning, work and stress of race directing a triathlon has now passed and just the memories and empty t-shirt boxes are staring us in the face. Race directing has all of the psychic income anyone could ask for but it also feels like the local hotel must feel when the crowd checks in then checks out. All of the athletes come to town and tell you how much they love you and the event, then race the race and tell you again how much they love you, then of all things they go back home to the 42 states and 13 countries they came from. After all they do have a life and can’t hang around Lubbock past the triathlon, so they spread their cheer and compliments to you and then get the hell out dodge. The stories that they will tell when they get back home will be about the intense heat of 112 degrees for the 2011 Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and how the volunteers of the event actually worked hard to make them comfortable and safe. Triathlon is a great sport and I love it, and now I will spend the rest of the season taking my recovered body to my next triathlon on July 30, in Midland, Texas. After the race I will tell the race director how much I love him/her, then collect my hardware, pack up, then get back to Ransom Canyon in the Llano Estacado! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

EA, SH.......:)!!



Blogger Blue Girl said...

Woo Hoo!! Just heard from SH that u were on the Harley for the triathlon this past w/e. Best wishes for siucess in the up coming triathlon. GH

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