Sunday, January 27, 2013

What If? Movie Reviews

Now that I am of that age that allows wondering “what if?” I explored this question during one of my long runs.  Since I am not able to take notes during a run I must rely on memory banks to write this.  My “what if” concerns the many milestones that I have experienced over my life time and I wonder “what if I had........?” rather than what I actually did.  Now please understand these are life altering things, not something like what if I had worn brown more than blue or black or should I continue to wear a flat top or grow my hair long,  but real solid soul searching events in my life.  So, what if I had actually followed through on what I thought was going to be my career for life, and that was to be a Presbyterian Minister.  Now please before you roll in the floor and split your sides with extreme laughter, please remember I was 17 years old then and very devoted to what I thought would be my career path.  I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and  was greatly influenced by the two ministers I had as a young person.  When I was 11 years old I actually had a whisper in my ear that indicated to me that smoking was wrong and bad for you. 

 So, I never had a question about the divinity of the God head and Jesus seemed(and still does) so real and would be a good friend if he walked up to me right now in the flesh.  I also loved public speaking and made many talks to the Littlefield First Presbyterian Church congregation and was awarded the Boy Scouts of America “God and Country” award.  Other signs came before me also since I was offered a football scholarship to play at one of two Presbyterian schools in the state, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX.  So, the question is not so much as “what if?” but what happened? 

 Well into my senior year my faith didn’t change but my desire to play football at a major university in Texas took control and I accepted a full scholarship to the University of Houston and then after 8 consecutive years of church attendance I didn’t go to a church for a number of years.  For some reason still unknown to me I just decided not to pursue the ministry career path.  I enrolled at the U of H in Industrial Psychology and then finalized my Business Degree later on at the U of Texas-Arlington, then started my career in the business world.  While I have many chapters in my current 74 years of life I think the career path chapter was very influential on everything that I have done from the beginning to the present time.  Possibly my next blog will talk about how I was able to have my cake and eat it to! To be continued!

Movie Reviews: 

“The Impossible”, *****, This was a very well done movie about the tsunami hitting Thailand in 2004.  It was a documentary type movie concerning a family of four that actually survived it.  There was very little dialogue and unbelievable cinematology, but what acting there was would be considered academy award acting, by Naomi Watts. The film will receive some form of statue during the Oscars I am sure.  Rated PG-13 for intense realistic disaster sequences, including disturbing injury images and brief nudity(certainly not in a sexual sense). 

“The Last Stand”, ***, This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen after politics and it is very entertaining.  He is a small town sheriff in taking life very easy away from the big city pressures.  He was a very successful crime buster in the big city of LA but wanted a simpler life style so settled in a sleepy small town near the Arizona/Mexico border.   Arnold’s time of taking it easy ended when the most wanted drug cartel leader was being escorted to Federal Prison and escaped making a path back to Mexico through Arnold’s town.  Oooops, bad mistake mister bad guy.  So, it turns into a stand off of real bad guy against better real good guy.  Worth a premium ticket!  Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, and language. 

“Parental Guidance”, ***, For some reason I couldn’t get into this movie until it was half way done.  Since I probably shared some of the guilt felt by Bette Milder and Billy Crystal, who play neglectful grand parents to their only 3 grand children.  I was glad when it finally turned to some kind of parenting comedy.  But, of course it had a moral to the story and in the end lots of great laughs and everyone living happily ever after.  Rated PG for some rude humor(but not potty humor)! 

“Parker”, * ,  One of the worst movies for 2013 and a total waste of money.  While I was looking forward to seeing Jason Statham as the tough guy I really did not realize he was a professional thief that was glamorized by the film as one who only steals from people who can afford it. Kind of a Robin Hood but instead of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor he and his buddies split the booty.  Of course the story revolves around how his fellow crooks turn against him and then his revenge against them, plus he adds J-Lo to his team and she offers very little to the movie.  A story all about how life should not be lived.  While I did stay for the complete movie I was ashamed I didn’t walk out with a large neon sign protesting such a bad movie. Rated R for strong violence, language throughout and brief sexual content/nudity. 

EA, SH........:)



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