Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hero? Not! Movie Review, Book Review

Sometimes things come up that bug me, not to be confused with anger or disgust, they just “bug” me.  Bugging is not a completely defined word and must be a slang word for pissed off, angry, befuddled, confused, or just wonder why about something not to be confused with curiosity.  So, with that said I must say I am “bugged” about the recent announcement that professional basketball player Jason Collins came roaring out of the closet with the proclamation that he is gay.  With all the comments by so called prominent people they are actually declaring him a “hero” and that really bugs me.  Okay now let me explain that I don’t care whether someone is or isn’t gay, that is their business, but why do I have to see news items revolved around this personal proclamation?  While he is the first professional athlete to come out(meaning that other sports must also have gay men or women) of the closet he comes from a professional sport that I care nothing about, so I have no axe to grind here.  Coach Bobby Knight once said it best when he said he had rather watch two frogs making love than a professional basketball game, and I must confess that is also my feeling.  My point of the day is this is not a heroic act, it is just a confession of a very personal thing and I hope the press has got their fill of it.  Of course now I expect a nice thick hard bound book to come out giving all the dirty details.  Stay tuned!

While I am at it, a couple of articles in the sports pages carried some quotes from Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.  He informed the loyal Cowboy fans that rather than be just a statistical leader amongst the previous Cowboy quarterbacks, he was going to work harder to become a “win” the critical games type quarterback.  To do this he is going to adapt Payton Manning type work ethics.  This means for his new contract of $105 million he is going to work out in the off season and spend more hours practicing so that he will become the winner the fans expect.  You see Romo is a great quarterback, just like Hall of Fame Fran Tarkenton was but they have two things in common, they have never won a Super Bowl.  This is the point of measurement that is used in all pro football quarterbacks.  While Tarkenton took the Vikings to 3 Super Bowls he never won one.  In the case of Romo he has never made it to the big show and has the distinction of losing the big games.  Now what “ bugs” me about this is that Romo is being paid this big money and Mr. Jones is so proud that he is going to work over time in the coming years.  But, as I write this it will be safe to say that no matter the amount of time he puts in on the field he will never win the big one!  Now Mr. Tony man prove me wrong!  As a life long Cowboy fan who has turned North to watch a real championship quarterback in Peyton Manning, it would be fun to see Romo win in the Jerry Bowl!  God save the King! 

Movie Review:

“Pain and Gain”, 0(Zero), This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and wastes some very good actors.  It is a true story about 3 body builder trainers headed up by Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Anthony Mackie.  They plot a kidnapping which includes extortion and murder.  This is actually a true story but I really don’t see how anyone could be as dumb as these three would be criminals.  Not worth seeing how bad it is even if it is free.  Rated R for bloody violence(you mean when they slice up two bodies with a chain saw?), crude sexual content, nudity, language throughout and drug use. 

Book:  “The Complete Nutrition guide for Triathletes”-Dr. Jamie Cooper.  This has some great new state of the art nutrition ideas for any type of athlete, but is centered on the sport of triathlon. 

EA, SH..........:)!



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