Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun!!?? Movie Reviews

The word “fun” has numerous definitions, like in “enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure, etc.”  Yesterday I witnessed some “fun” that included, “sweat, hard breathing, colored corn starch, big people, little people, young people, middle age and even some senior citizens!”  The event, with 14,000 entrants, was the first ever Lubbock “Color Run” that involves all of the above and then some.  This concept of fun was created a little over two years ago and in 2012 had nearly 800,000 people having fun entering Color Runs across the USA.  Now here is the amazing thing, not only do you have fun but you pay at least $40-60.00 to cover the 5 K distance and have four different colored corn starch dust thrown at you as you enter into the color stations along the way.  Since you also get a white T-shirt for registering you are assured that the four colors will create some kind of rainbow affect, which of course also includes getting doused on the face and head and that is where the fun comes in.  Since everyone on the planet has a smart phone with a camera there were hundreds of photos taken of this “fun” and then distributed through the numerous social media opportunities.  

The question now comes to me by my readers that ask, “hey ole man what were you dong there, having fun or what?”  Well really I was there to use the time to guerrilla market our multi-sport events that are scheduled for 2013.  While the majority of our events are created for swim, bike and runners we do put on some mud obstacle events that offer some real different “fun.”  While a triathlete may be a more serious athlete, so to speak, they do enjoy sweating through the three disciplines.  But, then there is the mud obstacle racer who has to crawl, jump, climb, run, walk, through real mud and has to pay for it.  So, since we are always looking for the next generation of athletes to compete in our events we wanted to watch and market to these new era athletes, called “Color Runners!”  Since our number of entrants are very modest compared to the Color Run events we hoped that we could touch all of the 14,000 to help our events grow.  Our feeling at the end of this event was that people were having fun and were out in numbers to go the 5K distance.  Then they had the bragging rights to say they were  finishers in the Color Run concept of competition.  We applaud the young founder and brainchild of this concept, since he only started it two years ago and it has grown to a multi-million dollar business all through the magic of the social media.  But more importantly it gives another segment of our population a way of being active and getting some sweat time off of the couch.  High fives to all!!

Movie Reviews:  

“Dead Man Down”, ***, This is not a bad movie but will not win any Oscars.  Colin Farrell  and Naomi Rapace are two tormented souls( a long story you will have to pick up when you see the movie) who happen to meet and strike up an awkward romance.  Since Farrell is a hitman for a local gangland boss he is solicited by Rapace to put a hit on a man who had badly scared her face in a drunken auto accident.  As always sparks fly big time between the gangland boss and Farrell.  Since other dark secrets surface as the movie progresses, you will just have to go see it to discover what they are.  Some suspense, some violence, some romance, some good acting, a decent story line, and a three star movie.  Rated R for violence, language throughout and a scene of sexuality.  

“The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”, ***, Another three star movie that deserves viewing at matinee prices.  Superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone(played by Steve Carell) and Anton Marvelton(Steve Buscemi) become life long friends and also partners in a magic act that is a star feature in Las Vegas.  But, as they make millions they began to loathe one another and it begins to show in their show and the audiences begin to dwindle.  Then a guerilla street magician Steve Gray(played by Jim Carrey) starts to gain recognition and challenges Wonderstone and Anton for top billing.  But there is a chance that Burt and Anton can save their act if Burt can just get back in touch with what made him love magic in the first place.  Rated PG-13 for sexual content, dangerous stunts, a drug-related incident and language.

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