Monday, March 18, 2013

What If Conclusion, Movie Review, Superhuman Review

“What if”.....To conclude this series I promised in the previous post to reveal what took the place of my yearning to be a member of the crime crunching group of dark suited FBI agents.  Since I had been enrolled in the initial two years of ROTC(Reserve Officers Training Corps) I had to make a decision when entering my junior year as to whether I wanted to enter into a contract to complete the last two years and become an officer in the US Army.  This would require me to enter active duty for two years, after receiving my degree and being commissioned a 2nd Lt.  By this time I had already started my family so I decided this would be a good move and I would at least be guaranteed a job upon graduation.  With no intent of staying in past the  initial two year requirement I signed the contract for the concluding two years, got my degree and received my commission as a 2nd Lt.  So instead of joining the black suited J. Edgar group of crime fighters I signed on with the olive drab uniformed US Army.  While not a crime fighter per se I was given a uniform and gun to defend the USA against all enemies, large and small without regard to their origin.  Little did I know that I would have three commands, achieve the rank of Lt. Colonel, and retire from the Active Reserves after 24.5 years of service.   During the over twenty years I spent time in 10 different Army posts throughout the USA and one tour of duty in Germany.  So, this decision to follow through on the US Army ROTC program provided me lots of experience in working with people by serving in leadership positions and also gave me a feeling of defending the stars and stripes in a very honorable way.  Needless to say I have not ever regretted trading the olive drab for the black slick suits.  While serving in the Army Reserves I was able to have my cake and eat it to, since I could pursue my career in the industrial packaging and material handling industries and still serve in the US Army Reserves.  Even today after many years of retirement I see former fellow reservists around town who I served with.  How about this for a happy ending....!!

Movie Review:  “Hitchcock”, ***, While this movie is no longer in the movie theaters it is on cable.  This is a good movie and is well worth the $5.99.  It centers around the time of life of movie director Alfred Hitchcock, played by Anthony Hopkins in a fat suit, in that he was already successful but was trying to promote the film, “Psycho.”  He was having trouble getting it produced so he did what he had to do to get it done.  It became one of the most successful of his career and was very a very popular horror movie of the time. Helen Mirren plays his wife and does a great job.  While this film never came in with high ratings I thought it was well worth the time and three star rating.   Rated R for strong violence including brutal disturbing images.

“Becoming Superhuman Nutrition & Fitness Seminar,” *****,  WOW what  conference!! I have been looking for something like this and by accident found it while answering an e-mail out of curiosity.  Ben Greenfield, 31, has got to be one of the most forward thinking guys of the time when it comes to nutrition and fitness.  When I first saw the “Becoming Superhuman” marquee on the site I thought, “You have to be kidding!!”  But he wasn’t and I attended the event in Spokane, WA and had two great days of being exposed to stuff that I had never heard of.  How about for eye openers, “How To Become Superhuman-Where to Start?”, “Thermogenesis-Cold Exposure and Weight Loss!”, “Nutrition Strategies for Superhuman Stress Control!”, “Superhuman Brain-Mental Edge for Peak Performance!”, “Mycotoxins & Superhuman Performance!”, “Music and the Brain!”, “Becoming Superhuman with Advanced Alternative Medicine Tools!”, “Using the Inflammation Factor to Maximize Your Potential!”, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Using Biomarkers to Become Superhuman!”, “Using Nutritional Ketosis for Maximizing Weight Loss & Health!!” to name a few of the dynamic topics to becoming Superhuman!! Not only did we sit and learn but we also exercised every morning working muscles that had been sitting dormat for a while(swim, bike and run does not always work all muscles I found out!). Go to 

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Hi. i wanted to tell you i really appreciated your comment on the ST forum. Your accomplishments are really admirable and would love to be racing when i am your age.

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Great blog. Good luck at IMTX.

Nicole Kesten
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Many thanks, I will go to your blog site immediately. My days have beens so jammed I did not notice your comments.

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