Monday, February 11, 2013

What If Series(Continued), Movie Reviews, Concert Review

What if(continued)....What I have decided to do is make a “What if, series”, as long as it seems to make some sense.  But, at the end of the first What If I mentioned that I would mention having my cake and eating it to, through out my life.  So, while I didn’t do the preacher thing I was able to preach over 300 sermons throughout my membership in a lay ministry church, and teach the Bible for 8 years.  Now for my next What if.......!!  My next profession that I really thought I would pursue would be that of football coaching, starting out in the High School level in Texas.  Since I was raised and played football in the heartland of West Texas football it would only seem a natural for me.  My total playing years was 14 and I loved everything about the game.  The winning spirit of the Littlefield Wildcats started in 1934 and they have been winning ever since.  So, I had the background for coaching, the passion for the game, and I liked the idea of winning under the Friday night lights of West Texas.  So, what happened?  Well after finishing off my 3 years of military active duty, that was required after being commissioned a 2nd Lt., I returned to West Texas to pursue the possibilities of football coaching.  My former high school coach(and future Texas High School Football Hall of Famer) was Head Coach of the State Champion Permian Mojo football team, possibly one of the most famous teams since later in years it inspired the “Friday Night Lights” television show. So, I set up an interview with him and headed to Odessa, Texas.  It was great to see my former coach after a number of years and I was sad to learn he had no openings at the time.  Plus I had a business degree with no teaching hours or teaching diploma.  Since I had a family with two young kids I wanted and needed work, NOW!!  After much soul searching and inquiries as to what I would have to do at Texas Tech to gather some hours I decided I had rather work than go back to school.  So, like my preaching days my coaching days never happened.  But, I really didn’t miss out on these million dollar coaching salaries we here about now since my starting salary would have been around $4500.00 per year and would have been driving a school bus for extra pay.  But, I did secure my first job that laid a tremendous foundation for me to have a successful sales/marketing career and later own my own businesses.  Plus, there is the rest of the story concerning football and athletics that I will share in the next “What if....!  Isn’t this fun!!??

Movie Reviews:  

“Broken City”, ***, This is a good movie about the city of New York and the corruption in the police department, and mayor’s office.  Mark Walberg plays an ex-cop turned private investigator who is hired by the mayor, played by Russell Crowe, to determine if his wife, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, is having an affair and if so who is the culprit.  It of course has the accent of New Yorkers so is hard to understand at times, but it is a movie to see if you like these kind of movies.  The acting is very good and the story line is okay.  Rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content and violence. 

“Side Effects”, **, It is hard to rate a movie that has good acting, good script, etc., but for the life of me a movie about doctors who prescribe too much feel good prescriptions just doesn’t resonate with me on movie subject matter.  But, on the other hand the acting is very good delivered by Jude Law, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, as the psychiatrist who administer the drugs to a very troubled, depressed woman portrayed by Rooney Mara.  She comes from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, so is comfortable with wacko parts! Go see with warning that the subject matter can be very alarming!  Rated R for sexuality, nudity, violence and language.

“Life Is What You Make It”, *****, is not a movie but was a great live presentation by Peter Buffett labeled, “A Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffett.”  While he happens to be one of the sons of one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett, that is not what the message was all about.  It was a very unique presentation of philosophy for saving the world one girl at a time,  mixed with Emmy Award winning music with Peter playing the piano, laced with great stories, and Michael Kott, one of the world’s most beloved cellists.  He could almost make that Cello talk and I guess in some ways it did.  This two man show was absolutely outstanding and worth going on the Texas Tech campus to see and hear.  His book is “Life Is What You Make It” and it will be in my possession very soon.

EA, SH(u missed something very good!)........:)!



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