Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Population question, Movie review

When I go into any city, no matter the population I am amazed at how we are covering the planet. Guess it is hard to believe when you drive through portions of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc., but we are covering the planet with human flesh, concrete, asphalt, bricks, tall buildings, short buildings, swimming pools, athletic stadiums, freeways, and on and on. So, what is the big deal greerman, God said in the good book to multiply and replenish the earth. That prompted many religions(Mormons, and Catholics to name two)to adopt the practice(believing practice makes perfect) of not restricting the number of children they have. While the Mormons believe in unlimited children for one reason the Catholic probably believe for another reason, but all in the name of God. That way when someone says something to them, they just say, "we do it in the name of God Almight, so shut up." Well all of this reproduction by all of us has caused the concern I have for covering the earth. There is only so much land space, while the rest is water, and this has me bothered even though I will be dead and gone to the next life before we run out of dirt. My next concern and the real reason I got on this subject was the fact that if the human population is growing, and living longer, what is happening to the animal, insect, and other creatures of this earth? Well, the best I can tell it is multiplying also and they know nothing of religion. Just here in Ransom Canyon we have an abundance of raccoons. One neighbor reported 17 in her yard. While we have had some raccoon attacks at our house there was only one and he was after the Powerbars left out on the front porch. But, I am concerned about all of this growth and as we all cover the earth what are we going to do or where are we going to stand, sit, lay, etc.? Maybe you see my point and will feel my concern. Possibly the solution is moving to outer space. The problem I have with that is no one has shown any evidence that the other planets will make a good place to live. The challenge is out there for us to save the planet, quit making all these babies(I'm doing my part)and just enjoy the process(again I'm doing my part)and we will live happily ever after.

Movie review: "Smokin' Aces" ***, the description in the paper says, Rated R, strong bloody violence(understatement, the most bloody violence I have ever seen in a movie), pervasive language(gross understatement, some of the worst I have ever heard), some nudity and drug use(wow, now they have you going, if you call 8 naked/semi-naked, drugged out hookers laying in the floor of the penthouse after an all night sex party, then I guess that is some nudity. The drug use is beyond belief by one of the stars. Now that you have the description with my description guess you can't wait to see it. Since this is all about a mafia snich who is ready to sing, the rest of the mafia says no way, so they put a $1 million out there to have him put to sleep, for good. This brings in all type of sleeze to make the kill. Jeremy Piven stars as the snich, drug snorter and purveyor of beautiful hookers, while Ray Liota and Andy Garcia are on the side of the law. After reading all of this I am sure you will head to the nearest movie house.



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