Sunday, May 27, 2007

65 miles, Renegades, AOL Directory

Yesterday we did a benefit ride for CAS( Children's Advocacy Society) to the tune of 65 miles. This was a great way to get in some good training, support a worthy cause, have support along the way and just have one good day. There were around a 100 riders and some did the shorter distances, while the 65 was the longest. The route was from Buffalo Springs Lake out through most of the canyons where the 70.3 bike ride is. So, it was familiar territory and a challenge ride. While it was not considered a race, yea sure it wasn't, I had my time at 3:58 hours and did finish ahead of some who started with me. The funny thing is before the start I noticed this white hair with a recumbent bike and I ask him how it rode and felt. He said, "well this is for an ole man so his shoulders and neck don't hurt." I ask him how old he was and he said 67, so I then mentioned I had him beat by a year. Funny, I turned out to be the oldest on the course but thankfully not last.

After taking a little time to rest up, we went to watch our favorite Arena2 football team play, the Lubbock Renegades. They played great and beat the Laredo Lobos 71-44. I love this indoor game and would have loved to have played it, many years ago. It is fast, high scoring and they get some good hits in. Can't wait until the next game. I did notice that the cheerleader corps had dwindled down to 5 from the previous 12, possible they all joined the Marines and went off to war or something noble like that. At any rate we enjoyed what was there.

Also just noticed on the AOL Directory a category that really burns me, it is titled, "black voices" and after giving it a try I noticed it was only about black people. Duh, thought our world was made up of all kinds of races. For example why didn't they have "white voices" or "chicano voices" or "oriental voices" or "young voices" or "old voices" or "native American voices" or, or, and on and on, or maybe "white male Caucasian voices" or even "white female Caucasian voices."

Guess I had better get off the soap box or I will be fired for speaking my mind. Whoops forgot, I own this gig so how can I be fired?



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