Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jack is dull boy, short wrap up Buffalo Springs 70.3

There is a saying that all work and no play makes Jack a real dull boy. Well my name isn't Jack but just put the greerman in that slot and you have it. The 18th annual Buffalo Springs 70.3 turned out to be the largest and most challenging(internally) than any of the previous presentations. From long time volunteers not being able to be present, for very compelling personal reasons, to service vendors not doing their jobs, it was a true challenge. For one the porta pottie providers we have used for years did not put toilet paper in the johns. This was must frustrating to all concerned and we didn't have a back up supply on hand. Did we learn another new lesson or not? Obviously their service is up for review and we will probably go to another provider for 2008. But the good news is that the athletes did not know of our many challenges, except of course the toilet paper issue(or is that tissue), and the race went off very well. The weather was absolutely perfect and there were no serious injuries. So, now the planning for 2008 has started and there will be Kona and Clearwater slots for 2008-9.

For the next few days it is still wrap up stuff, and then to the Hog, movies, maybe a road race on the 4th, a kids triathlon clinic on Saturday, two steppin on Saturday night, and some FUN!!

Will report back soon,



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