Monday, June 11, 2007

Not much time, Movie reviews

Sorry, my faithful readers but time is running close to the big Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and we are busy. So, I have no big philosophical news to lay on you at this time. In leau of that I can offer a couple of movie reviews that might be some consolation.

Movies: "Oceans 13" ****, very good movie, entertaining, well thought out and presented and just fun to watch develop. Too many big actors to name them all, but Clooney is very good again, and the ole Pittman comes up from having babies to do a very good job. Go see!!
"Mr. Brooks" ****, since I love serial killer movies I was in hog heaven. Kevin Costner does a great job and the good/bad/baddest guy you can imagine. This movie is well done and keeps you on the edge, great ending. Go see, but be prepared for some blood, after all it is about a serial killer.

Will get back on track when I have more time, but don't expect anything on Paris Hilton, too much as been said about nothing as it is.



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