Monday, May 28, 2007

Fleas and ticks watch out! Two heart beats away from our first female president of the USA!!

What I like about my bi-focal glasses is that I can see to read the really fine print, and really enjoy my reading. What I have learned though is that when you don't have them or you are in a situation where you can't use them, it is pure hell. For example when you take a shower you can't wear your glasses while in the shower, or if you do wear them you really can't see anything. From the fog to the water it just doesn't work, and who wants to wear a deep sea diving head gear while taking a shower. Today after another long bike ride(3 days in a row now, so I am considered a fanatical Type A+, compelled to shave my legs daily and drink Heed for breakfast and abstain from too much sex, now back to the point!!) and I decided to take a long hot shower and regain my senses. After getting in the shower and letting the hot water run over me I decided it was time to lather up and get all of the bike odor and salt off of me. The problem started when I couldn't tell what container had what in it, since I didn't have my bifocals to read the labels. Generally it is the same stuff and I recognize the colors, but for some reason the person who is responsibile for this area of the household had put some other new stuff in the shower. So that I wouldn't have to stop the shower, get out, and then find my glasses I just grabbed the closest thing with the most desirable color. In this case it was a real rich dark green, with a fairly nice scent, but not over done. As I was getting the lather up I looked closer at the label and it had two dogs on it, lo and behold I had used the shampoo that is used for the two dogs of the house. Never fear, I continued on, got it all rinsed off and the good news is that I haven't had one flea or tick since using this marvelous shampoo. What a deal, now I know why Buffman & Squeaky like this stuff so much.

The other day my favorite local columnist wrote a nice article about why a woman should be the next president and why a woman would be better than a man for this job. While she made some really good points that I couldn't argue with a strange thought came to mind. The United States of America is only two heartbeats away from our first woman president. Now before you start getting all riled up about Hillary, stop and think about the current leadership and the protocol of succession to the presidency. WOW, now your thinking, and let's explore even further!!! Let's say that VP Cheney goes on another hunting trip with one of his friends and during the hunt the friends mistaken him for a wild pig and shoot him dead(by accident of course like when he shot his friend while hunting). Now to carry the succession to the presidency a little further, the W man now has to become the full time president, since his boss has now been removed from office by a trigger happy friend and during one of his infamous speeches he chokes on a giant artichoke sprinkled with the famous Hill Country salsa chased by some Jack Daniel(even though he claims to have stopped drinking hard liquor everyone knows that the former oil patch folks can never give up their Jack) and goes to that giant mission accomplished heaven in the sky. Now we see how the succession works, the Speaker of the House is next in line and guess who that is? Yep, President Pelosi, front and center, raise that right arm, placed the left on the good book and baby your are it. The first women president of the United States of America and democrat to boot(no pun on this Wman).



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holy smokes! Mike Greer has a blog!

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(yeah, I'm on the woman for president side of that equation).

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