Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three out of six, not bad, movie review

My goal over this long weekend was to get in at least seven fun things and take the dull out of Jack. Well yesterday started out this journey, i.e. 28 mile bicycle ride with friend John Harris(always a treat since he is the voice of Texas Tech basketball and gets to rub elbows with Coach Knight), a triathlon clinic for kids at Texas Tech, a post Buffalo Springs Race party at one of our good friends, excellent athlete, and loyal supporter of our race, Greg Hogan(he also earned a slot to Clearwater 70.3 World Championship), and then the icing on the cake, some two steppin to our favorite Penni Lawrence Band at the infamous Sting. Now to round the weekend out with a a swim workout, some Hog riding and a movie. Now Jack will be a happy camper and will do the final preparations for the Irongirl Texas event on July 22. What were we thinking, race directing 5 events this year, 3 months in a row is totally stupid. If all we had in to do in this life is race direct it would be different, but we have more balance in our lives than to center everything on race directing. It is by far too stressful and takes the fun out of the sport. I promise that 2008 will see a totally different approach to all of this. Of course Buffalo Springs 70.3 is the star attraction and will not change with us, we just signed a new contract with WTC for Kona and Clearwater slots for 2008 and 2009. We will meet a new milestone in 2009 in that the race will be 20 years old, I will be 70 and Marti will be 50. Will it be time for us to finally grow up and move onto something else, or what? By that time we will have had nearly 20,000 athletes pass through the starting chutes of the infamous Buffalo Springs venue and enjoy the many challenges of the course. As the founder and management company of this event we have seen many changes since the first year, 1990, of this event. The two main things we have seen are the increased number of athletes that do the race, but we have also seen tremendous increased costs to putting the race on. I wonder just how high the entry fees will go until the athlete says, it is too expensive, I will just stay home and race(we have over 40 states and 10 countries that come every year). The good news is that our fees are very competitive to all of the other 70.3 races, so that is a good thing. Bottom line is that we look forward to the next two years and will offer the same type of race we have always offered, professional, safe, fair and laced with love and tender care from our many volunteers. See you all in 2008!!!

Move review: "Live Free or Die Hard" ****, Bruce Willis is at it again, flying through the air after being blown up or dropped from an airplane onto another airplane. The fourth sequel to the original "Die Hard", this one is very action oriented from the very first scene. So don't go thinking there will be some 20 minutes spent on Officer Maclanes' personal life and why he is so tough and bitter over his divorce, etc. While there is the personal touch with his grown daughter, and she becomes part of the drama and struggle with the bad guys, it is mostly about doing away with the bad guys and saving the world from computer mad idiots. The conclusion is predicable, but the journey to get there is very entertaining and the special effect action scenes are done to perfection.

Off to play some more, will report back on my progress,



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