Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nepotism, Wish List, Movie Review

Nepotism is defined as....”favoritism to a relative.” As I watch the National Football League hire and fire coaches I think of the nepotism definition, since it runs rampant in that organization. Once you are in that league or happen to be born into that league by being the son or daughter(mostly sons) of someone already in the league you are set for life, if you want it. Funny thing is you don’t even have to win anything to become a head coach, the main entre is kinship or friendship. Two good examples are Norv Turner and Wade Phillips. Coach Turner has been a head coach of at least 3 teams and has never won a championship of any kind, while he has advanced to the playoffs a few times he has never won the big ones. But, when he is fired from the Chargers this year he will bounce back as a head coach in the NFL or at least an offensive coordinator which pays well into the six figures or more. His tenures are as a result of friendship rather than kinship. Jason Garrett, another friendshiper was the assistant head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for $3M, before being named as the head coach. In the case of Wade Phillips, he is the son of Bum Phillips, long time coach in the NFL and head coach of the original Houston Oilers. While he was colorful, the cowboy hat he wore on the sidelines was his trade mark, but he never won the big ones. Wade then became a head coach at Buffalo and Dallas only to never win the big one. But never fear he has a good job with the Houston Texans as the defensive coordinator and will become a head coach again, mark my word. While friendship can get you there, for sure kinship will get you. Bottom line here it is very critical to be born into the right family, kind of like royalty, or have the right friends to get into and survive in the NFL. Please understand I have nothing against the people mentioned in this writing I guess I am just envious my ole daddy wasn’t a head coach or owner of one of the teams so I could have a lifetime job just because of my kinship!! Besides what am I complaining about, on our non-profit board my wife and two daughters serve on the board of directors. Shuuut up!!

Wish List: While shopping around in Barnes and Noble I ran across this book called, “The Wish List.” It actually had 6,000 wishes in it, so after looking at some of them like...”I wish..: to play the church organ, to meet a while rabbit and a Cheshire cat, learn the art of animation, have a knack for languages, etc., etc.! So, I just had to come up with some of my own wishes: I wish......the merging of traffic into Movies 16 was much safer, last night I was nearly creamed,.... that when I go up to a building of any kind and they have two doors, both will be unlocked,....if they are not and only one is unlocked that i chose that one,......that I hit all green lights on 34st in Lubbock,.....that I don’t have to pee real bad when I get stuck at a red light that must be red for many minutes,.....when I go to the pool all lanes or not taken, or when I have a lane by myself no one wants to share it with me, after all I do not play well with others, especially if they are pounding my head in the pool,....when I am riding the bike all dogs do not chase me or if they do my eyes will cast a laser to their brain and they will die on the spot,.....when I walk up to pay for something at a convenience store the register I walk up to is the one they are using, the same store the person behind the counter says, “thank you!”.....I never have to go into a government office close to 5:00 p.m. so I won’t get trampled when the employees leave!,....that I would quit getting penis enlargement literature,....that my age would not be the topic of conversation in any social situation!!

Movie Review: “Young Adult”, ***, This movie was basically very depressing, but with very good acting. Charlize Theron plays(Mavis) the out of this world good looking graduate of small town high school in Minnesota and very successful ghost author, who decides to come back for a visit to re-unite with her ex-boyfriend(Patrick Wilson) of many years who is now happily married with a new baby daughter. The story evolves(while she is planning and stalking her prey) with her friendship and bonding with fellow classmate played by Patton Oswalt, a never popular nerd and victim of a high school hate crime. Bottom line is that Mavis has bad cases of alcoholism and depression. The theme of this movie is sick, but the script is good and the acting is excellent. Go with the thought that you may be a little depressed after you leave it. So, by reading my review I can save you some money!! Rated R for language and some sexual content(under statement)!

EA(don’t go to this one), SH(I know you won’t!)........;),



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