Monday, January 09, 2012

Unlimited Opportunities

Dear Abby is now Annie’s Mailbox, so here is one of their letters(paraphrased) that I just couldn’t pass up for “believe it or not” real happening. This guy writes in that he is 60 years old and has this relationship with a beautiful “young” 63 year old. They couldn’t be happier!! But, one day an ex-girlfriend of his drops by to repay an old money debt to him. She also just happens to bring some beer and they chatted. He had also taken some sleep aide pills before she arrived so the beer and pills put him to sleep. Now the story gets real sordid in that he wakes up while he is having sex with his ex-girlfriend. He then gets his senses back, he says, and asks her to leave. He put off telling his current girlfriend about this little incident until he discovered he had contracted gonorrhea. He discribed it as, “so disgusting!” He said he had to tell his girl friend and now she will not have anything to do with him. Duh!! Annie’s Mailbox reply: There is some evidence that certain sleep aids can cause such “sleep-wallking” problems when the opportunities present themselves. You apparently didn’t make a conscious decision to cheat on your girfriend, and your job now is to convince her of that. This will involve flowers and apologies along with declarations of undying love and devotion. Greerman response, “yea and the Pope two steps every Friday night at the local bar!” Also, the moral to the story is never combine old girl friends, beer, and unlimited opportunities.

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