Monday, April 09, 2012

Original Oreo!!

Some things in life are sacred and do not need to be messed with. A good example is the simple, tasty, delicious, scrumptious, to die for Oreo cookie. The other day I was in a hurry and I was doing a quick run through the grocery store to gather up a few items. On the list was my beloved Oreo cookie and as I approached the cookie department I found that seemingly over night there were many choices of this great treat. I guess I have been asleep at the switch and the Oreo guys just got drunk one night and decided to add a bunch of flavors, 16 to be exact. As I search for the original I found that they were hidden in the middle of all these flavors and it was hard to distinguish which were the originals. As I looked I found the new flavors, i.e. golden, double packed, springtime, chocolate fudge, organic, mint creme, peanut butter, peppermint, fudge, and reduced fat( now they are really messing with perfection, I want the fat calories, sweet taste, and cavity creating originals, it is traditional!!). My love for Oreo’s centers around the fact that you can really eat them 3 or 4 different ways and get sensations from each serving. You can just eat them head on bite for bite into the all three portions of the cookie, i.e. two chocolate wafers with cream in the middle, or you can separate them and make it seem like three different pieces. The other approach is to dunk them in cold milk. My usual quota after a good meal is to eat 3 cookies for dessert and if I still have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying I will go with 2 more and that’s it. I have a friend that opens up a new, full bag and eats the whole bag without stopping. It is amazing since he is trim and slim while eating the original Oreo with such vengence you would think he is a vampire enjoying his daily blood requirement. My plea to Nabisco, “place the orginal Oreo in a prominant place all by itself with a big star around it!!” Just like a sports team that features its’ star player!!

EA, SH.......:)



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