Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snort, Spit and Blow, Movie Reviews

Running has for sure become a social thing more than a running thing. Not that this is all bad since it does get people off the couch and out the door. This past weekend I took some big time mental notes of what was going on prior, during and after the 15,000 person Rock N Roll half marathon in Big D Texas. Since I was there for the running portion of running, I like to get to the start line early for warm up and stretching so I took particular note of this “new era” runner. First, they really like to socialize before the event and spend a lot of time comparing notes on the latest running outfits, pre-race eating and drinking, and just useless gab that has nothing to do with why we are there. Again, not a bad thing just a different thing for us old timers who help start this boom back in the stone ages. We use to get to the start line warmed up, juiced up and ready to run as fast at the body would allow. No discussion, just run like hell and get out of my way. Now the events have a lot of walkers in them and I think that is a good thing since it pads the number of entry fees and helps pay for the event, plus “they” are doing something instead of nothing. Also, I notice the female population has really increased their running participation and that is a real good thing, especially if they are good looking. Sorry, but my selfishness for taking my mind off the running pain centers around looking at good looking women as they run. When it comes to this I do not mind the fashion, running bra and all!! Ooops back to the subject at hand!
The actual running of the event gives the more experienced runners(in other words the old timers) a chance to get with it and see how fast the motor is for the day. Some of my running friends from the past use to tell me that running with me was like running with a horse, since I snort a lot, spit a lot and blow my nose as I run. The spitting came from many years on the football turf, since footballers spit a lot, and we had real grass and dirt to spit on. I try to avoid hitting some other runners with it but with 15,000 how do you have enough space? The snorting is no problem, just goes with the sound of running. Then there is the nose blowing, something that just comes naturally for me when I run. I use the “put my thumb” on the opposite nostril that I am blowing from(a man thing, since I never see a women blow their nose that way) method and it causes a projectile of snot that can annoy others I am sure. But, this is a runners perogitive and I do my best not to hit someone else, but again with a sea of runners how do you have enough space. During this last race I know I hit a few people with it but they didn’t seem to care. If a runner looks like they are in my age group I try to hit right before they take a step so they might slip a little and give me an edge in placing higher in the age group. The problem with that is that my age group is that “old” group I mentioned and they are very clever about avoiding any kind of contact. With the spitting there is a little more control and not near as many people get hit by my spit bombs. Warning, don’t bug me when I am running!
While the race has all forms of activities going on in it the newer races now have live bands and lots of activities going on during the race. Again a very social atmosphere! While this is fine and dandy it also takes away from why we are really there. I am not there to hear the latest hot tune or to even sing along with the music or to talk about the latest fashions, I am there, by God, to run, snort, spit, blow my nose, sweat, hurt, de-hydrate, ache, cramp, and generally feel very bad at the end. This is simply because that is what this thing called “running and racing” is all about. It is called a “good feel, bad feeling!” A way of life or possibly a life style! Who cares just get out of my way, my left hand is moving to my left nostril, beware!!
EA(u ole runner u!), SH,..........:),
Movie Reviews: “Descendents” *****, This was an Academy Award winner and very deserving. George Clooney stars and does an excellent job. The story revolves around the tragic accident involving his wife who is rendered comatose after the accident and the struggles the surviving husband(Clooney) experiences with the two daughters and other dramas brought to light. Rated PG-13, family drama, language, somewhat depressing.
“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” ****, This movie stars new actress Rooney Mara, and the James Bond guy, Daniel Craig. Excellent movie with lots of international intrigue and myster. Rated R-sexual scenes(soft porn), language, violence.
“Wanderlust”, ***, This is a very funny movie with lots of humor but a good story line. It stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as an over extended, stressed out Manhattan couple who leave the city trying to find the a way to make a living. They stumble upon a group of people, formerly called “hippies” in the 60’s, and find a new way of life. One of the scenes with Rudd is a rib cracker with humor. Rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, language and drug use.
“Casa de Mi Padre” Zero rating, Will Ferrell has probably made more bad movies than any good actor I know. This has got to be the all time worst and I wonder, “how did I sit through this bag of garbage?” There was only one other person in the movie house watching it. The movie is in spainish with the narrative at the bottom of the screen spelled out. It is 100% spainish cast except Ferrell who is supposed to be spainish with blue eyes. It is so stupid it really makes me feel even more stupid for watching it. The drama is about his family about to lose their large ranch, then it goes bad from there. Rated R for bloody violence, language, some sexual content and drug use. If you go see it after this review God rest your soul!


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